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Unlimited Highlights: Wolverine & Jubilee

Classic team-ups featuring a perennial X-Men odd couple



By Ben Chabala

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This week we’re shining the spotlight on one the most unlikely duos in X-Men history, in honor of their brand new series WOLVERINE AND JUBILEE #1. These two mutants have been through some tough times but none so dark as now, with the once bubbly Jubilee transformed into a dour member of the undead—a vampire. Here we take a look back at some of the brighter days to give you hope in the face of what’s to come.


Every teenager with a knack for shopping and time to kill loves the mall and none more so than Jubilation Lee, a perky, punky, pyrotechnic orphan with a penchant for getting into trouble. Her mutant power to produce pretty plasma burst light shows wows gaggles of shoppers but also attracts the wrong kind of attention from the army of mall cops patrolling the consumers’ paradise. They call in the M Squad, a mutant-hunting group armed with hyper-advanced tech designed to snuff out those sporting an X-Gene. Good luck getting out of this one Jubilee!


Some of the world’s swarthiest individuals call Madripoor home. Assassins, pirates, political criminals, you name it; they stalk the city streets itching for action. So why would Wolverine bring Jubilee, the X-Men’s youngest member, to this cesspool of a country?  To keep him company?  Show her the sights?  Take her shopping? Or maybe she gets the distinct honor of helping him take down the all-new Lady Mandarin, better known as his old teammate Psylocke!

MARVEL TEAM-UP (2004) #19

Wolverine and Jubilee head out in to the wilderness to take out a HYDRA base and steal back a piece of the Cosmic Cube for Nick Fury—just a walk in the park for the rampaging mutant salad shooter and the pyrotechnic princess! Sure the base may be full of the deadliest terrorists known to man holding some of the most sophisticated lethal weaponry on the planet, but that’s what makes this mission worth doing! Though when things turn ugly—and you know they will—Cable will be there to lend a helping techno organic hand.

Unable to heal properly due to a slash from the unholy Muramasa Blade, Wolverine goes looking for the only guy who might be able to help him, his old buddy Maverick. Unfortunately for Wolverine, he’s not the only one on Christopher Nord’s trail: Arkady Rossovich, better known as Omega Red, wants the location of the Carbonadium Synthesizer and he means to get it, even if that means kidnapping Jubilee to enlist Logan’s unwilling assistance. 

NEW WARRIORS (2007) #3

On M Day, Jubilee lost her ability to create bursts of plasma at will and something a little less tangible: a piece of her identity. She joined the New Warriors to get that piece back, fighting crime without her enhanced abilities and Wolverine wants to make sure she’s ok.  After everything that happened on M Day do Jubilee and Wolverine still have that special spark or has Jubilee become a different person without her powers?

Check out WOLVERINE AND JUBILEE #1, on sale now! 

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love the idea of bring them together again, but is this a mini-series or a regular series.


By far the best partner for wolverine is jubilee. this team up was long over-due.


Although I always preferred Logan with Kitty, I like the unique chemistry these two have.