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X-Men Day: Join the Celebration

Get ready to celebrate the release of X-Men #7!

X-Men fans unite! The X-MEN #7 Party is upon us!
With the historic release of Victor Gischler and Chris Bachalo’s X-MEN #7, featuring an awe-inspiring team-up between the X-Men and Spider-Man, to comic stores everywhere, it's time to party--X-Men style!

Participating retailers will be celebrating the release of X-MEN #7 Party with free stuff, exclusive variants and so much more!

Here's some of the cool stuff to look out for when you get to your participating local comic shop:
- Free Exclusive Marko Djurdjevic Limited Edition Print!
- Limited Edition Variants for sale from artists such as Terry Dodson, Chris Bachalo, and more!

Download the full list of X-MEN #7 Party participating retailers here!


X-MEN #1
COVER BY: Terry Dodson
WRITER: Victor Gischler
PENCILS: Chris Bachalo

THE STORY:“PROTECT AND SERVE,” PART ONE It's a new age for the X-Men. Cyclops and company have declared it a time to be heroes. Wherever a citizen is in need, there's an X-Man on the job. But strange rumors have come to the attention of the X-Men, and Storm and her team are off to New York City to investigate. What do they find in the dank sewers beneath Manhattan? Only New York's favorite wall-crawler has the answers. Rated T+

PRICE: 3.99
IN STORES: January 26, 2011



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@KaftanThis is X-men Vol II (or maybe III if you count Uncanny's early run as Vol I of 'X-men')The X-men you are talking about (1990's X-men) is currently called X-men: Legacy and is around issue #244.This is a brand new series which has restarted at #1 and is titled simply 'X-Men' again. (likely to take on new names in later issues based on the pattern thus far)If you want to pick back up on Vol II. (aka Vol I; 1990's 'X-men') I would suggest getting the TPB's starting at TPB Vol I 'Divided He Stands' where the title changed.However, to get the full current scoop you'll need to go back farther than that to the issues that ended with Xavier being shot. ('Messiah Complex' issues, or TPB)That leads into both 'Messiah War' with Cable and the 'Messiah Child' escaping to the future and also into the 'Divided We Stand' series with Xavier taking a completely different direction personally and as ex-leader of the X-men.Hope This Helps,Ghost Rider aka Brother Rabbit =:xB


What the flippin' heck?! Wasnt the issue before this something like X-Men #32? And now its #7? Or #1? I stop reading X-men from time to time because its just impossible to figure out what the hell is going on


This sounds cool. I'm going to check them out this afternoon. Thanks for the info.