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Point One

Check out Marvel Point One

Everything you need to know about this exciting program

Check out the greatest titles that comics have to offer, great for new readers, with Marvels' Point One initiative! From the Amazing Spider-Man to the Uncanny X-Men, each of these special Point One issues serves a perfect jumping on point for Marvel's flagship series while dropping hints for each series' next year of stories. Each Point One issue is guaranteed to supply pure, high stakes action for only $2.99. Think of each Point One story as self-contained launch pad into the Marvel Universe for new readers and old fans alike - and, to get there, we've brought on board some of comic's most acclaimed writers and artists to make set Marvel's top heroes off their greatest adventures yet.




From Marvel Architects Matt Fraction and acclaimed artist Salvador Larroca! Tony Stark has always been a futurist at heart and his newest upgrade is going to be…himself? Find out what the 21st Century has in store for the Armored Avenger, only in this special Point One issue.

WOLVERINE #5.1 (ON-SALE 2/9/11)

From Marvel Architect Jason Aaron and artist Jefte Paolo! It’s Wolverine’s birthday and, for the world’s most dangerous mutant, he sure has a lot of friends on hand to celebrate. How will they deal when some unwelcome guests decide to party crash super-villain style?


From critically acclaimed writer Dan Slott and artist Humberto Ramos! Because you demanded it... Meet the all-new, deadly Venom! But what familiar face now bears the fangs and how will Spidey take the news that the symbiote is now roaming free?


DEADPOOL #33.1 (ON-SALE 3/2/11)

From the fan favorite creative team of Daniel Way and Bong Dazo! Find out the meaning of “too much information” as Deadpool opens up his favorite multiple personality, the do-and-don’ts of bounty hunting, and how to take down The Wrecker in five steps or less. There’s a reason they call him the “Merc With A Mouth,” folks.

HULK #30.1 (ON-SALE 3/2/11)

From critically acclaimed creators Jeff Parker and Gabriel Hardman! The Red Hulk hunted! The monster formally known as Thunderbolt Ross spent his life in relentless pursuit of the Hulk. Now he’ll find out how it feels as he gets an arch-nemesis to call his own... Introducing General Fortean!


From best-selling writer Rick Remender and artist Rafael Albuquerque! After dealing it out across the Marvel Universe, X-Force is about get a preemptive attack of their home turf – care of Lady Deathstrike! But will the rest of the X-Men react when they find out that some their own have been moonlighting as an assassination squad?


From Marvel Architect Ed Brubaker and artist Mitch Breitweiser! The shield passes to a brand new Captain America! Follow Steve Rogers as he runs down the candidates and officiates the start of an all new era for the Star-Spangled Avenger.

THOR #620.1 (ON-SALE 3/9/11)

From the renowned writing duo of Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning and artist Mark Brooks! With the treasures of now Asgard up for grabs, it was only a matter of time before the vain and greedy came to claim a piece of Odin’s power as their own. But when one of Thor’s oldest enemies actually succeeds, can even the Mighty Avenger subdue a super-powered madman with all the strength of a god?


UNCANNY X-MEN #534.1 (ON-SALE 4/6/11)

From acclaimed writer Kieron Gillen and superstar artist Carlos Pacheco! Magneto has come to Utopia looking for redemption…but how will the world at large react when news breaks that the X-Men are sheltering a mass murderer? Get ready for a pivotal moment in the history of mutantkind and an all-new paradigm for the Children of the Atom.

AVENGERS #12.1 (ON-SALE 4/27/11)

From Marvel Architect Brian Michael Bendis and superstar artist Bryan Hitch! What threat could be big enough to bring every active Avengers team, SWORD and the Intellegencia together? The road to the next epic Avengers event starts here, as told by two of Marvel’s most masterful creators!


From heat-seeking writer Nick Spencer and artist Scot Eaton! The Secret Avengers are secret no more… and several major global players have now made it their mission to snuff out all of Steve Rogers’s black ops assets once and for all. Can America’s super-soldier alone bring in his operatives before they become collateral damage?

Whether it's the team-up so big it took the likes of Brian Michael Bendis and Bryan Hitch to tell it in AVENGERS #12.1 or the bombastic overdose of hitman-fueled hijinx that is DEADPOOL #33.1, each installment of the Point One initiative showcases the best characters and talent that Marvel has to offer! See what you've been missing - or catch up on what you've loved all along - only with Marvel Point One!

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What about Alpha Flight .1 in May? I can't find any solicits for it anywhere. What's happening with it?