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Unlimited Highlights

Unlimited Highlights: The History of Venom

From Secret Wars to Flash Thompson

By Ben Chabala

Every week we'll pick a handful of awesome comics from the thousands available through Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited. From creator spotlights to editor's picks and more, this'll be your spot to find something new and cool.

This week, to celebrate the union of everyone’s favorite alien symbiote and Flash Thompson, we’re highlighting the sordid history of Venom!  After Peter Parker broke the black pile of goo’s heart it’s never quite been the same.  Witness its fling with Spider-Man on Battleworld, its terrible team-up with Eddie Brock and the single symbiote’s rampage in Canada’s great white north.  These are some amazing issues you don’t want to miss as you get set for the new VENOM ongoing series in March!


After unintentionally hopping on the interstellar highway, Spider-Man and a host of other heroes and villains find themselves on The Beyonder’s Battleworld.  It’s the good guys vs. the baddies in an epic battle royal with the winner getting his or her heart’s desire.  While exploring the massive hero base, Spider-Man stumbles upon a machine that produces a spiffy new black costume for the Webslinger using some sort of alien material. Little does Spidey suspect that his new duds have a mind of their own and will eventually become one of his most dogged enemies: Venom!


The heroes have returned!  Back from Battleworld and happy to be back swinging around his home planet, Spider-Man enjoys some good old New York pizza and learns the amazing abilities of his new costume.  It responds to the Wallcrawler’s thoughts and can change its shape and appearance on a whim but it seems a little too good to be true.  There’s something ominous about his all-new black outfit but Spidey can’t quite put his finger on it. What happens next you ask?  Read on!


Just when things start to look up for Spider-Man someone throws a monkey wrench in the works, and this time it’s Eddie Brock tossing tools! His hatred for our hero called to Spidey’s recently discarded symbiote suit and now they’ve formed an entirely new entity called Venom!  Deadly and dangerous, Venom’s got a furious Spider-hating fervor that runs deeper than any of the rogues Peter Parker has ever faced. Eddie and the symbiote want revenge and they won’t rest until Spider-Man lies beaten and broken!

VENOM #1 (2003)

Somewhere in the white frozen wastes of northern Canada something bad happened to a bunch of people and a U.S. Army soldier named Robertson just stumbled onto the mess.  She was supposed to be getting movies for her friends, but when she goes to trade with the researchers at an Arrarat Corporation research outpost she finds everyone dead and a thick tar-like residue covering the insides of the base.  What happened to the base?  Will the one shell-shocked survivor shed some light on this mystery?  And most importantly, what does this have to do with a certain someone’s old symbiote suit?


Up for a Medal of Honor due to his selfless soldiering in Iraq, Peter Parker’s high school tormentor-turned-close friend Flash Thompson rests up in a military hospital in Germany.  When a four-star general shows up to ask him about the fight that put him out of action, Flash tells him about his inspiration, Spider-Man, and how he kept on going just like his hero would. With his hero as his role model, against impossible odds Flash managed to save an injured soldier in his squad but at the cost of his legs. Before the new Venom debuts, revisit this turning point in the life of Flash Thompson!


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mac gargan sucked as venom and flash will do the same. i'm not buying this book. if you guys make eddie venom again i'll buy multiple copies. nuff said


Barely scratches the surface of VENOM's history. :(


I was a big Venom fan back in the 90's and when I heard that Mac Gargan had the symbiote I was thinking, "Man, how are they going to do that? Venom's such a great villian and now they are going to destroy the charactor??" But I was wrong. The Gargan Venom was to me the greatest incarnation of the Venom Charactor. He was the funny Venom.


Urhm... "weaponized" the venom suit? What is there to weaponize? Strapping a couple of guns onto the end result isn't weaponizing the suit, it's weaponizing the end result, but that's like giving tactical nukes to a hurricane, it's not needed. This is the stupidest thing I've heard in a LONG time, people liked Venom because he was an anti-hero, if they don't do something impressive in the first issue, I probably will not buy a second one.


Its been out for over two weeks one of the guys behind it accidently let it slip out during an interveiw.


venom could kill flash thompson in no time


Eh... excuse me... SPOILER?? Wow... That was a big one, dammit.