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As you already know, is your go-to guide for all things Marvel. But, the Internet is vast and if you want to get really character-specific, then we know a fair number of excellent fan sites out there. For example, are you jonesin' for Hulk info in anticipation for 2008's "Incredible Hulk" movie? Need to know exactly how much he can lift or precisely how high he can leap? May we suggest The site's owner and operator—and lifelong Hulk fan—Stephen Yarish, is widely regarded as the foremost aficionado of the Jade Giant. "I was five years old and bought my very first comic book at a neighbor's garage sale," says Yarish. "It was INCREDIBLE HULK #170, a great issue!" As may be the dream of any super-fan, Yarish has even appeared as a character in the Hulk comics on more than one occasion. The site has provided hadcore fans with everything regarding the Green Goliath, from news to history, since 1997. "I knew there were a lot of Hulk fans out there and I wanted to share my passion for everything Hulk related," he says. To that end, Yarish's site has in-depth bios of Bruce Banner, from his time before becoming Hulk and throughout his many incarnations, as well as Big Green's many, MANY allies and enemies. Possibly the coolest parts of the site are the huge galleries of merchandise photos, sketches and comic book art spread across the site. "I have one of the largest collections of Hulk memorabilia," Yarish boasts—and rightfully so. Have you explored everything has to offer and need to further quench your thirst for Marvel knowledge? Check out these other sites we heartily recommend! A great site for Spidey fans, from the aged veteran readers to the youngest generation of newcomers, it's loaded with cover scans, lists, detailed comic reviews and much more. A very comprehensive Fantastic Four site, it has a sprawling chronology, gift shop and an almost painfully specific history of the quartet's costumes. All in all, nearly any conceivable curiosity can be quelled here. An extremely thorough site devoted to the X-Men and all of their affiliates. It supplies fans with summaries of just about every issue, movie and TV show, a character glossary and interviews with writers. A site dedicated to the most enigmatic of all the X-Men. It contains the usual business of comic previews and interviews, but, on a lighter note, it also exhibits fan fiction and an amateur art gallery. A terrific site for the true DD fans. Very detailed summaries of all of the issues and info on other various media outlets, like video games and cartoon appearances. What it lacks in issue summaries, this site more than makes up for with info on almost every Punisher reference ever. Fans can see everything from merchandise and art to Punisher tattoos. spidermancrawlspace. com This is another good site for all those who want to keep up on all things Spider-Man. It also has an awesome image gallery and a remarkably lively message board. The premiere Iron Man site by fans, for fans. It has a pretty good cover gallery and a complete list of the different armors, even the lesser-known ones. Not the most visually stimulating site, but it does the job. One stop shopping for anyone interested in news, merchandise and character bios. Another pretty unique feature is the glossary, for all those who have trouble understanding the Thunder God's speech. Check out the complete roster of Avengers from the group's conception to the present. Also, a virtually all-encompassing cover gallery and fan fiction. A site devoted to the American icon. It includes news, articles, wallpapers and plenty of other Cap-related stuff. Catering to his cult following, this site, solely concerned with Thanos, supplies fans of the Mad Titan with history, character profiles and articles. Got any suggestions? Spread the word on other great Marvel sites in the forums!
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