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Weekend Preview: New X-Men #42

COVER BY: SKOTT YOUNG WRITER: CHRISTOPHER YOST, CRAIG KYLE and MIKE CAREY PENCILS: SKOTT YOUNG and MIKE PERKINS INKS: SKOTT YOUNG COLORED BY: SKOTT YOUNG LETTERED BY: DAVE SHARPE THE STORY: Mutants are now an endangered species, and the New X-Men realize that they may well be the LAST X-Men! After the events of "Quest for Magik," several of the kids have been changed forever, and the Astonishing X-Men are finally taking some time to get to know their students. But after everything the team has been through... who even wants to be an X-Man? New powers, new relationships, new team members, all on the road to the X-event of the decade! Part 1 (of 2) FEATURING ENDANGERED SPECIES Chapter 12 Tired of dead ends with current mutants, Beast turns to the family that has sired the most mutants on Earth-the Guthries. The family that produced two X-MEN and may hold the key to save the mutant race. 40 PGS./Rated T+ ...$2.99 IN STORES: September 19, 2007



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