Ultimate Iron Man Returns this December!

Orson Scott Card joined by acclaimed artist Pasqual Ferry for Ultimate sequel



By Ben Casper The highly anticipated Iron Man movie trailer may finally be online, but we have some news to really supercharge your repulsor rays! This holiday season, ULTIMATE IRON MAN returns, joining ULTIMATES 3 to make December the ultimate month! Orson Scott Card returns to helm the four-issue mini-series. Breathing artistic life into the Ultimateverse's billionaire playboy in volume two of the ULTIMATE IRON MAN saga is Spanish artist Pasqual Ferry (ULTIMATE FANTASTIC FOUR). Megalithic talent for megalithic ideas, people! Scott Card's first ULTIMATE IRON MAN mini-series gave true-believers an all-new take on the 'ol Shell-Head in a way that only the Ultimate line could. The five issue arc took Tony Stark's transformation into Iron Man way past a wartime accident and rooted the character's development in a painful birth defect assuaged only by the armor. This approach took readers to a deeper understanding of Tony and his necessity for the armor. "As with the first volume, this story continues to show how Tony Stark came to be the outrageous and charismatic hero we know and love (or love to hate) in the Ultimate Universe," says Editor Bill Rosemann, who's handling ULTIMATE IRON MAN II. Without divulging too much about the project, Rosemann added that ULTIMATE IRON MAN II is stocked with plenty of tidbits to tickle Iron Man fans everywhere. Readers can expect more villainy, more armor and according to Rosemann, "War Machine fans may have many cool moments to look forward to in this adventure!" Be sure to stay glued to Marvel.com for more info and check out what the colossal creative team has in store for Tony come December.

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