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Age of X

Age of X Assessment: Chapter 2

Mike Carey joins us to discuss Legacy searching for truth, the debut of the Moonstar Cadre and more

By Ben Morse


We have entered the Age of X.

From now through April in the pages of X-MEN: LEGACY, NEW MUTANTS and beyond, a strange and exciting new reality known as the Age of X will be introduced, with mysteries unfolding and a world where the X-Men never existed coming to light. After each chapter, we’ll have the event’s writer and mastermind Mike Carey here with us to discuss the latest revelations and will also preview art from the next exciting installment!

The spotlight turned firmly on Legacy—aka Rogue to those of us grasping for familiarity—in NEW MUTANTS #22 by Mike Carey and Steve Kurth, and that didn’t necessarily prove a good thing for the mutant nicknamed “Reaper.”

Curious over the secrets harbored by Kitty Pryde, Legacy went against Magneto’s orders, descending into the bowels of Fortress X where she battled Danger before encountering an imprisoned Blindfold and, even more shockingly, a catatonic Professor X. When Magneto discovers his supposedly loyal soldier’s treachery, he dispatches some recognizable operatives to track her down.

Meanwhile, Basilisk did some soul-searching and we got other glimpses into the world of Age of X.

The Age of X officially kicked off in X-MEN: LEGACY #245 and it did not begin with a whimper.

We interrogated Carey about Legacy’s motivations, what’s up with the prisoners and more; plus, feast your eyes on art by Khoi Pham from AGE OF X: UNIVERSE #1, due out March 30.

NEW MUTANTS #22 cover by Mico Suayan

Marvel.com: We get a nice little scene to kick off this issue with Jubilee and Chamber reflecting on the mutants vs. humans dynamic, but what were you trying to say with it on a deeper level and was there a particular reason you chose these two characters to say it with?

Mike Carey: I wanted to restate the core situation, and I wanted to do it in a different way, rather than just having another battle scene. It seemed to make sense to go to the opposite extreme and to do it through a conversation between two characters in an uncharacteristically quiet moment.  I'm not sure why I chose Chamber and Jubilee except that I'd never really written either of them before, and in Chamber's case I wanted to reveal that he was in the line-up, in his classic form and incarnation.
Marvel.com: What is the relationship between Magneto and Legacy like prior to where we come in? Is she somebody Magnus cares about or just another soldier?

Mike Carey: I think we can see that there's a kind of trust and intimacy between them, although we can also see that it's being strained by these events. Legacy doesn't reveal to him that she has the camera, and he seems to be similarly reticent with her.  Maybe what we're seeing is the first crack in what was a pretty solid friendship.
Marvel.com: Why is Legacy so curious about Kitty, the camera, etc.? Is it something unique to who Rogue is in your mind or would any X-Man react the same under the circumstances?

Mike Carey: It's a combination of things: the fact that she was the one who was there when Kitty came through and happened to see what she saw, and the fact that she's one of the least likely characters in the X-Men Universe to just keep her head down and obey orders.

AGE OF X: UNIVERSE #1 preview art by Khoi Pham

Marvel.com: Is Basilisk's interest in the multiple "Jacksons" he's killed just curiosity at an anomaly or a sign of "our" Cyclops emerging?

Mike Carey: One of the biggest pleasures in writing Age of X was precisely in walking that tightrope: showing the characters we know in unfamiliar situations and roles, and showing how despite the constraints imposed by the siege and the ways they've been twisted out of shape, there's still a core that doesn't change. Yeah, I think we're sensing here that Basilisk is more than just the embittered and borderline crazy berserker who we saw in part one.
Marvel.com: Can you say anything about Blindfold's role in all this?

Mike Carey: No, you'll have to go by what she says herself!
Marvel.com: Any hints as to who X is? I was initially under the impression that X was Danger, but clearly this is not the case, no?

Mike Carey: No, X isn't Danger.  He/she/it seems to be no more than a computer intelligence with a tactical oversight role.  Keep watching, though.
Marvel.com: Most of the prisoners in the lower levels of Fortress X have psychic abilities of some kind, but then you have Kitty Pryde—any comment on that?

Mike Carey: No comment, but you're right.  She does seem a little anomalous in that company, doesn't she?  All I can say is that there's a reason for everything, and eventually it will all make sense.

AGE OF X: UNIVERSE #1 preview art by Khoi Pham

Marvel.com: Why are some people like Basilisk, Legion, Moira, Gambit, Wolverine and Chamber seemingly unaffected when Legacy takes Xavier's powers?

Mike Carey: Nobody is unaffected, but some people get hit worse than others.  It's a function of distance, power set, personality, and other things—partly random, partly explicable in terms of what we know about these characters.  Chamber, for example, already communicates through a kind of tele-sending.  It makes sense for him to have a partial immunity, or at least to be able to roll with the punch.  That's not to say he doesn't feel it, just that he doesn't feel it as badly.
Marvel.com: Where does Legacy go from here?

Mike Carey: We'll find out soon enough, but wherever she goes, she's going to have everyone's hand raised against her.  It only gets harder from here.  Having said that, act two isn't exclusively or even mainly Legacy's story; other characters rotate into the spotlight.
Marvel.com: Those appear to be the New Mutants on the last page, but more bad ass than ever; care to leave us on a tease involving those characters?

Mike Carey: They are indeed the New Mutants, or something like, although they think of themselves as Moonstar Cadre.  They're a bit like Wolverine, in that they're very, very good at what they do, and they mostly do things that are kind of unpleasant.  They don't give up easily, either.  Rogue is going to wish someone else had pulled security duty.

The next chapter hits on March 9 with X-MEN: LEGACY #246, and we’ll be back to discuss it soon after!

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      The thing that I want to konw is why rogue only seems to be able to use one of her two powersets in AOX. She can either take powers, or take memories. If, as reaper, she still has other people's powers to go along with their memories, she should have the abilities of everyone she's ever "reaped\