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Age of X

PREVIEW: X-Men Legacy #246

'Age of X' Chapter Three! Rogue is now public enemy number one.

X-MEN LEGACY #246 cover by Leinil Yu & Marte Gracia

COVER BY: Leinil Yu & Marte Gracia
WRITER: Mike Carey
PENCILS: Clay Mann
INKS: Jay Leisten
THE STORY: "AGE OF X" CHAPTER THREE! Rogue has stumbled upon the secret hidden deep within the bowels of Fortress X. And now she’s public enemy number one. A fugitive amongst her own kind, Rogue goes on the run…but when your entire world is
surrounded by an unbreakable forcefield wall, there’s not far to go.
Especially when a team of mutantkind’s most ruthless killers is hot on your trail!
IN STORES: March 9, 2011



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      What really Drive me Mad as an X-Men reader since the early 90s is that they never use my favorite character (Who thanks to her is the reason why I start to read X-Men and spend all my money on Marvel) Tabitha Smith (Boom Boom) I don\'t know what the... Is wrong!!! You guys totally not use her as she deserve in the X-men or she was not even used in Age of Apocalypse, now you guys let her out of Age of X as well????There are bunch of complaints about it in Comicvine website and other website related to the character!!! Its so unfair, I\'m done with you Marvel!!!!


      *blinks* W-weekly previews are back?!? Hooray!