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Fear Itself

Fear Itself: Deadpool

Christopher Hastings helps the Merc with a Mouth trade his arsenal for a tricked out hammer

By Chris Arrant

It takes a certain kind of writer to get Deadpool. It’s hard to balance knives, guns, a razor-sharp wit and an off-kilter personality. But in FEAR ITSELF: DEADPOOL, Christopher Hastings believes he has just the formula.

Kicking off this June, the three-issue limited series pairs Hastings with frequent Deadpool artist Bong Dazo on the trail of the scatter-brained soldier-for-hire after he lucks upon a familiar hammer that falls from the sky—and this Merc’s mallet doesn’t match any you’ll find in your average hardware store.

“Oh let me tell you, it’s a totally legit magical hammer, for sure,” says Hastings. “Just like those other ones you've seen [in the teasers] with scary Juggernaut and the other scary guys. Yep. Totally real magic scary hammer.”

“Deadpool’s is better than theirs, even,” adds editor Jordan D. White,” Theirs don’t have rhinestones. Magic scary rhinestones, naturally.”

But as 20th century psychologist Andrew Maslow has said: Give a man a hammer and he sees everything as a nail. As these magical—and mysterious—hammers of Norse origin begin to pop up across the globe, Deadpool sees dollar signs in his gift from above.

“Deadpool sees a tremendous opportunity in a town relatively untouched by the events of Fear Itself,” the writer reveals. “People are scared of the scary hammer guys, and they might pay good money for some protection.”

While the writer holds the rest of the story close to his vest until the first issue ships in June, he did talk about his own impending magical—and mysterious—debut in the Marvel Universe.

“I'm really excited to not only be writing my first Marvel story, but my favorite Marvel character,” Hastings shares. “I’m mostly known from the [webcomic] I work on, The Adventures of Dr. McNinja, which I describe as an absurdist action comedy. Deadpool fans might agree that's not too much of a stretch from there to Deadpool.”

White noticed the shared strokes between Hastings’ creator-owned character and Marvel’s resident Crimson Comedian and wasted no time enlisting him for this project.

“I, myself, am a fan of Chris’s work on Dr. McNinja, which is why I reached out to him very soon after taking the reins of [this series], and I have not been disappointed,” White says. “He came up with a great spin on the Fear Itself situation for Deadpool to hit up, with tons of crazy twists and Deadpooly goodness.”

For more on Fear Itself, visit the official event page

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TheSayman member

Of course, Marvel should pick up the McNinja title as well, ya ask me.

TheSayman member

Awesome, Chris! I\'ve been a McNinja fan from the early days there. You\'re perfect for Deadpool!


I\'m echoing the earlier comment in that I made an account here JUST to show my support for this. Chris, I want you to know that because of this announcement, this webcomic fan will be purchasing his first ever paper comic book. I hope you\'re happy.


Way to go Dr. Hastings! You better believe I'll be picking this up!


I just signed up for this page in order to tell Marvel that hiring Mr. Hastings means that I will be finding a way to buy this series, and I haven't actually bought a comic since Avengers West Coast closed up shop.Don't question my taste. Stop giggling.