Unlimited Highlights: The Savage Land

Get a history lesson before Skaar invades



By Ben Chabala

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This week, we explore the setting of the upcoming SKAAR: KING OF THE SAVAGE LAND #1, bringing you the most stunning stories set in that prehistoric paradise.  Watch heroes throw down with Ka-Zar, the Mutates, and a whole slew of extinct reptiles.  The Savage Land’s got it all folks, so sit back and enjoy the show!


Eager to flex their mighty mutated muscles, the X-Men head to Antarctica to investigate some strange sightings of sabretooth tigers and men in loincloths amidst the snow and ice.  Xavier’s young protégés soon find themselves in a world seemingly forgotten by time where all manner of dinosaurs and ancient beasts wander the wilderness unaware they disappeared from the world millions of years ago. There they meet Ka-Zar, the self proclaimed “Lord of the Savage Land,” and they’ll need his help if they ever hope to make it out alive!

DAREDEVIL #13 (1963)

The Man Without Fear fights for his life there after a plundering pirate kidnaps the cruise ship Matt Murdock planned a quiet vacation on. Little did DD realize that he would soon be duking it out with ancient Cro-Magnons, dinosaurs, and Ka-Zar himself! With these foes a far cry from the thugs of Hell’s Kitchen, Daredevil’s going to need all of his super radar senses to make it back to the mainland.


An unlikely trio stands united against the most dangerous villainess to ever strike from the Savage Land as Ka-Zar, Rogue, and Magneto face the terrible might of Zaladane and her Mutate allies, who have a bone to pick with their creator, the Master of Magnetism.  Things get so hot that S.H.I.E.L.D. agents invade the Jurassic jungles, with Nick Fury leading the charge. But with every fallen enemy swelling the ranks of Zaladane’s forces, Magneto wielding only a fraction of his former abilities, and Rogue powerless, do the good guys stand a chance?

KA-ZAR #2 (1997)

A typical day in the life of Ka-Zar includes some vine swinging, a dinosaur barbecue, and maybe catching a double-header between some of the best baseball-playing cavemen around.  The jungle lord has a gorgeous wife, a beautiful baby boy, and a sabretooth tiger for a best friend; it’s good to be king. But a mysterious man named Gregor, skilled in the ways of the hunt and aided by the world’s most lethal weaponry, aims to kill Kevin Plunder and everything he holds dear. Will Ka-Zar weather the coming storm?


It’s hero vs “hero” as the Avengers square off against some frighteningly familiar faces amidst the prehistoric foliage of the Savage Land! After a Skrull spacecraft lands deep in the jungle Luke Cage and Iron Man’s rival teams bury the hatchet and join forces to combat this new threat, but when dated doppelgangers emerge from the downed pod Earth’s Mightiest Heroes start questioning who they should trust!

SKAAR: KING OF THE SAVAGE LAND #1 arrives in stores on April 6

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X-Men Vol 1, #62-63 (Thomas/Adams) or Marvel Fanfare #1-4 (Claremont/Golden).