Miniongate 2007: MODOK's 11 #4 Preview

The team-up of the year goes a little sour



By Eric Drumm One giant head isn't enough to plan a dastardly deed. Add 10 more and you got yourself a heck of a villainous team-up! MODOK'S 11 shows us just what a room full of villains can do, and writer Fred Van Lente (MARVEL ADVENTURES SPIDER-MAN) is the mastermind behind the crack crew currently messing things up in the Marvel Universe. MODOK, everyone's favorite hovering evil head, assembled a team of villains to steal a powerful device called the Hypernova. Offering members five million bucks for their participation, the crew consists of baddies of all sorts from Living Laser to Ultra Adaptoid to the Spot. When you put that many bad guys on the same caper, it's a fair assumption that someone is getting a knife in the back. With members already planning each other's downfalls, Van Lente promises that we haven't seen how slippery these snakes can be. "Oh heck, yes," says Van Lente of the prospect of more double crosses as the series continues. "This book could just as easily been called 'No Honor Among Thieves.' Although as we see, there are a couple of these crooks you can trust. If not necessarily introduce to Mom. And let us not forgot MODOK himself may have some tricks of his own up his sleeve. He's smart enough to do that. You can tell he's smart because his head is really, really big." Last issue, team member the Spot actually succeeded in stealing the Hypernova, thus leaving the 11 high and dry. Handing the device over to the Mandarin in a shady side deal, Mandy used one of his many Rings of Power (he has 10 in all) to transport the Spot…somewhere. Appearing to be in a sort of limbo, it doesn't look like jumping through one of his holes is going to get him home. Van Lente won't say what his fate is, but tells us to stay positive. "Well, I would never count the Spot out. This is a guy who got over being killed by Wolverine, after all. When Wolvie kills somebody, they usually stay dead," he points out. The Spot wasn't the only one who seemed to be in a jam. Puma, former Spidey rogue and current sugar daddy to the Black Cat, got zapped with an evolutionary accelerator, stripping him of his animal totem. The result was he turned back into plain old Thomas Fireheart, losing all his Puma powers. When you're on a team put together by MODOK himself and you lose your powers, it's more than likely he'll deal you a searing forehead blast to quickly dispose of you. Van Lente says that our pal Puma may not suffer the same fate that many an A.I.M. agent has in the past. "Fortunately for Puma, MODOK is way too busy trying to figure out how to steal his score back from the Mandarin to muck around with personnel changes. And didn't I read in issue #2 that Nightshade has some experience turning people into werewolves? Hmmm...there may be some hope for Puma yet...," he teases. With the Hypernova in the hands of the Mandarin, all the rules have effectively changed. If there was to be an evil mad genius more evil than MODOK, it might be the Mandarin. Give the scourge of Tony Stark an all-powerful device and surely death is likely to rain from the heavens. Sometimes it takes a villain to stop a villain, and in this case it might take 11 of them. "Longtime Iron Man fans will recall that Mandarin got his start in super villainy—and his super-cool rings—from an alien spaceship he found crash landed in the remote Valley of the Spirits," explains Van Lente of the origins of the Mandarin. "We learn in #4 that his son—Mandarin Jr. I like to call him—is going to use the Hypernova as a power source to rev up the ship and take over China in it. So, in trying to steal the Hypernova back from Mandy, MODOK's 11 will inadvertently be doing something heroic—saving Beijing—but don't tell them that. They might get offended." Even though the booty is in the hands of another villain and the crew is in disarray, things found a way to get worse. Last issue we saw a significant amount of MODOK'S 11 seemingly go boom. It's looking like MODOK'S 11 just went down a few numbers, but Van Lente says to not give up hope just yet. "The 11 might be helped out by the fact that among them is the Ultra-Adaptoid, who has the powers of almost every hero in the Marvel Universe...including one heroine that can form invisible force fields, heh-heh..." he chuckles. It looks like half the team is dead and the other half is trying to kill each other. These guys should take a few lessons in teamwork next time they decide to spread evil together. Should a couple of them survive, Van Lente says that there are some surprises left as the series cascades into the fourth issue. "Big Wheel fans take notice! You will love SUPER-VILLAIN TEAM-UP/MODOK's 11 #4!" Try not to get a big head when you pick up MODOK'S 11 #4 by Fred Van Lente and Francis Portella on sale October 3.
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