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C2E2 2011

C2E2: Supreme Power

Kyle Higgins and Manuel Garcia revisit the Squadron Supreme in a new limited series this summer

By Tim Stevens

Come this June, Hyperion will be concealed no more as writer Kyle Higgins and artist Manuel Garcia pull the hero in hiding back into the spotlight for the new four-issue limited series SUPREME POWER. Fans and newcomers alike should not expect that the typical super hero yarn.

“They’re not black and white cutouts like we see in a lot of ‘revisionist super hero’ stories,” insists Higgins of the cast and situation presented. “The whole approach to the book [from the start] was to explore what this type of power would do to people. That included everyone from government figures and reporters to the super powers themselves. So out of that, we got these really interesting people. They became much more human, flaws, contradictions and all.”

The writer has dedicated himself to maintaining the complex international stage and intricate character studies that made the original SUPREME POWER a hit—and his enthusiasm has not gone unnoticed by his collaborators.

“The script I am working with is absolutely great,” enthuses Garcia. “I try to do justice to it and make it all look as real as I can.”

“Kyle Higgins and Manuel Garcia have been a dream of a team since we started working together,” editor Alejandro Arbona praises. “Kyle’s really talented, really smart, and really passionate about this comic. He’s bringing all the depth and complexity a story like this one depends on, and investing it with real gravity.

“Manuel is one of the few artists who could take on a project like this one and do it justice. We’ve already seen a good chunk of the work from Manuel so far, and it’s really coming together with Kyle’s script in a special way.”

The story unspooled by the duo focuses on how and why Hyperion would return now. Just do not expect a happy homecoming.

“Our story picks up a few years after Mark Milton [aka Hyperion] attacked the U.S. Government—after the explosion over the White House and the murder of the President,” Higgins reveals. “Mark fled for the stars, but Joe [Ledger aka Doctor Spectrum] stayed behind and dealt with the fallout. He’s helped the country, and in a way the world, move on.”

In doing so, Spectrum ascends to the role Hyperion once occupied: America’s marquee hero. In the world of SUPREME POWER, that role carries with it global consequences.

“As for the state of the world, we’re in something of a cold war,” Higgins explains. “There are only about two dozen people on the planet with what we’d consider significant powers, and the world leaders have finally started to figure out ways to use them.”

“In a world where superhumans exist, international governments will exploit them as military assets,” Arbona elaborates. “But [Doctor Spectrum’s] power comes from a crystal of alien origin and that crystal isn’t here on Earth for just [any] reason.”

That reason seemingly reveals itself here, throwing the world into upheaval to the point that Hyperion can ignore Earth no longer. The consequences will be extensive.

“It’s hard, it’s deadly, and the stakes are global,” promises Arbona. “We’ll see the next set of big changes—and I mean big changes—unfold for the ongoing SUPREME POWER storyline.”

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