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Marvel iPod/iPad App

Marvel App: Get Origin and Logan Issues for 99¢

Only On Featured Issues! Sale Ends At 11PM ET.

This Monday, take a walk on the wild side with everyone’s favorite claw-wielding, trouble-making Canadian: Wolverine. (What...Did you actually think we were talking about Wendigo?) For only 99 cents per single digital comic, you can purchase ORIGIN #1-6 and LOGAN #1-3 on the Marvel Comics App and find out how the boy named James became the man called Logan.

In ORIGIN #1-6, witness Paul Jenkins, Bill Jemas, and Andy Kubert spin a tantalizing tale of love, loss, and lots and lots of bloody battles as one of Marvel’s most popular characters transforms into the violent anti-hero we all know and grudgingly love today. In LOGAN #1-3, Brian K. Vaughn and Eduardo Risso chronicle one of Wolverine’s earlier adventures in Japan that has ramifications for the cranky Canuck in the present. How does Logan become “the best there is at what he does”? Read these issues and find out!
Purchase ORIGIN #1-6 and LOGAN #1-3 on the Marvel Comics App for only 99 cents and reward yourself with two stories that Marvelites everywhere still talk about today.  Don’t hesitate as this deal only lasts until 11 PM ET.  

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