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Age of X

PREVIEW: Age of X Universe #1

In the Age of X there are no X-Men, and all mutants are hated and feared.

Age of X: Universe #1 preview art by Khoi Pham

COVER BY: Simone Bianchi & Simone Peruzzi
Simon Spurrier (Avengers) & Jim McCann (Spider-Man)
PENCILS: Khoi Pham (Avengers) & Paul Davidson (Spider-Man)

INKED BY: Tom Palmer (Avengers)
And there came an Age Of X, an age unlike any other, where there were no X-Men…mutants were hated and feared. In that age, the remaining mutants created a stronghold, a last bastion for their dying race: Fortress X. And in that Age Of X, when humanity vowed to see Fortress X destroyed, a team of heroes and heroines found themselves united against this terrible mutant threat. This is their epoch!

PRICE: 3.99

IN STORES: March 30th, 2011

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