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Archrivals: Wolverine vs The X-Men

Logan takes on his closest compatriots in furious combat

By Jim Beard

Sad but true: sometimes a hero’s worst enemies come in the form of his closest friends. In the current pages of WOLVERINE, the tempestuous mutant scrapper once again finds himself in direct conflict with his fellow X-Men and we can only hope that both sides survive the sad scenario.

Let’s take a look back at just a few of the many times Wolverine’s fought his brother—and sister—mutant heroes; it’s not a very pretty picture but it may serve to shed some light on the tragic phenomenon.


The strife between Logan and Scott Summers—Cyclops—began early, as the two men found themselves stressed beyond endurance and itching to tussle. After going up against the terrifying being known as Proteus, Cyclops picked a fight with Wolverine to shake the “little runt” out of his stupor over the battle. Wolvie gave Scott a run for his money and soon the entire team wound up in the tussle. In the end, Cyclops made his point and Logan, despite his fury, admitted the tactic worked its magic on him and his teammates.


In the exotic land of Japan a curious battle took place: Wolverine versus the female of the X-species. Controlled by the wily Viper, Psylocke and Jean Grey attacked Logan while a helpless Kitty Pryde and Jubilee watched from the sidelines. Wolverine’s mind comes under a withering attack but the dredged-up memories of his lost love Mariko shook him from the psychic assault and he went after the true source of trouble: Viper. Logan came close to killing the woman, but after Kitty prevented that, he announced that the lady in green also went by the title of—Mrs. Wolverine?

X-MEN #96 (2000)

The X-Men’s powerful adversary Apocalypse managed the seemingly-impossible by turning Wolverine into his Horseman of Death, and then turned him against the X-Men. Having teleported into the X-Mansion, “Death” went to capture Mikhail Rasputin but had to battle his way through his former teammates to get to his would-be prize. Colossus went down first, then Shadowcat, Rogue and Nightcrawler in turn; nothing seemed to stop the Horseman. Finally, the transformed Logan literally brought the house down on the X-Men and made good his escape.


Wolverine versus Cyclops, Part 2—or maybe Part 22? Kitty Pryde returned to the hallowed halls of the X-Mansion, but Wolverine had bigger fish to fry. Upset over Cyclop’s dalliance with Emma Frost, he stuck a few pins into Scott’s love nest and asked him why he’d so soon forgotten the late Jean Grey. Cyclops responded by throwing a few barbs himself—and a few optic blasts. Later, the two men didn’t exactly make up, but they did agree to try and make the X-Men continue to work as a team, and make them work better.

WOLVERINE #25 (2005)

Logan: Enemy of the State? In short: yes! Once again not in his own mind, a brainwashed Wolverine operated as a pawn of the Hydra terrorist organization and went after big game: the President of the United States. This, of course, meant a new confrontation with the X-Men. At the X-Mansion, Logan tried to force Rachel Grey to do his bidding and then wound up fighting Storm, Emma Frost, Cyclops, Shadowcat, and Northstar and his students. Logan got away, but not before seemingly killing Northstar and horrifying his fellow X-Men.

For the latest round of Logan against the X-Men, pick up WOLVERINE #8 by Jason Aaron & Daniel Acuna on April 20

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