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A First Look at Eaglesham's Alpha Flight Pt. 2

Featuring sketches and designs for Guardian, Northstar, Snowbird, Sasquatch and more

Canada's greatest super team soars back into the spotlight this summer and wastes no time inserting themselves in the midst of Fear Itself when an all-new ALPHA FLIGHT #1 from writers Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente along with artist Dale Eaglesham hits on June 8.

To get ready for this
monumental return to form for these Marvel stalwarts, native Canuck Eaglesham kindly shared with us his personal sketches and notes that he used to reimagine the Alphans for 2011. Yesterday, he showed us Marrina, today we've got the rest of the cast!

"First drawing of the twins [Northstar and Aurora] with all the classic features. Elfin looking, arched brows, flared nostrils and strong cheekbones: the twins are a haughty pair and that should come through with every feature. Confident, sexy and uncompromisingly individual. Of the two, Aurora is much more extravagant and forthright. Seeing Jean-Paul as just as forward but more suave about it."

"First drawing [of Snowbird] and not much happened here. A Demi-Goddess, Narya is poised and regal. I looked at her costume, I immediately began searching for 'volume,' a flowing kind of volume. Voluminous hair but swept more to one side - the cape billowing more towards the shoulders - increasing her volume and presence in a panel without it looking bulky or fat."

"James MacDonald Hudson [aka Guardian], the reluctant leader of Alpha Flight. He is reserved, cynical. He’s a true hero, knows right from wrong and doesn’t compromise his values no matter the cost. Being a scientist he is not a superb athlete so he carries the scars of battle on his face. Being a hero can hurt and we’ll see that through Mac. There is an internal turmoil with him so he will seek peace and quiet in his spare time."

"First sketch of [Northstar's boyfriend] Kyle and I wanted to check the dynamic between these two. Jean-Paul likes to be adored and he is. Kyle [is] easygoing, playful."

"Conservatively attired, probably a lawyer - and well versed in the law in order to twist it - Prime Minister Cody cuts an imposing figure. He has sharp features in a jutting brow and aquiline nose; forceful, decisive and direct. However, what makes him effective, and what he has down pat, is his 'father knows best' persona."

"First sketch of Sasquatch with Puck in case we ever use him. Trying to get a fix on Sasquatch because he is trickier to draw than he seems. There are very different hair lengths on him in different areas; longer [and] shorter, which create different features."

Remember to pick up ALPHA FLIGHT #1 on June 8 and keeping check back here at Marvel.com for more news and previews!

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What about Puck? Glad to see Alpha Flight again, though!


In case they use Puck? Sigh....if figured Puck coming back was one of the reasons they jerked Eugene back down into the pits of Hell in Wolverine.