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Marvel iPod/iPad App

Marvel App: Get Planet Hulk Issues for 99 Cents

Only On Featured Issues! Sale Ends At 11PM EST.

A hero who became an outcast. An outcast who became a warrior. A warrior who became a legend. Sound familiar, Marvelites? Join the Incredible Hulk as he leaves Earth and travels to the distant, war-torn planet Sakaar in HULK: PLANET HULK #1-14, now only 99 cents per single digital issue on the Marvel Comics App.
Pick up any issue of HULK: PLANET HULK and you’ll get a smorgasbord of action, adventure and fight scenes involving weird, slimy aliens. Witness Hulk transform into “The Green Scar” and rebel against Sakaar’s evil emperor. See Hulk befriend new allies Miek and Korg and team-up with old friends such as Silver Surfer to take down the Red King and free the planet from oppressive rule. Does Hulk succeed? You’ll have to buy and find out!
There’s no need to wait. Hurry and purchase any issue of HULK: PLANET HULK #1-14 on the Marvel Comics App for only 99 cents before 11 PM EST today. You can’t afford to miss this epic!

Don't have the Marvel Comics App? What are you waiting for?! Download it right HERE!

The Marvel Comics App for iPad (as well as the iPhone and iPod touch) is available for free from the App Store or at www.itunes.com/appstore. Individual comics are priced at just $1.99 each with new content arriving every week

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