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The Watcher

Watch Episode 19 of the Watcher: Thor Month

Host Grace Randolph starts off Thor Month, Tricerastack, Graphic Debate and more!

In this episode of Marvel's The Watcher, host Grace Randolph kicks off Thor Month with five reasons why you should get exponentially excited about the upcoming "Thor" movie! Then get Grace's pick for the top three current Thor comics in this week's Tricerastack! Plus a new Graphic Debate! 

Don't miss the next episode of The Watcher on April 22, 2011!

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All Tricerastack dates are subject to change.

"Who Watches the Watcher?" performed by Kirby Krackle www.kirbykracklemusic.com

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All i want to say is the watcher is an awesome show big fan Grace Randolph keep up the awesome work! XD

technoir member

Volstagg! for the win. The Warriros Three in general are awesome, but Volstagg! He wins.


Did you dye your hair, Grace? Anyway, my vote goes to the Warriors Three.