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Deadpool: Going Green

Daniel Way discusses Deadpool with a death wish and how The Hulk may help him out

By Jim Beard

So, Deadpool’s back from space, reunited with his friends and wants nothing more than to reaffirm the beautiful sanctity of life and love, right?


DEADPOOL #37 preview art by Bong Dazo

He wants death! Will he achieve it? Well, where there’s a will, there’s a Daniel Way and in his newest DEADPOOL arc, charmingly entitled “Operation: Annihilation,” he presents Wade Wilson with an incredible weapon of mass self-destruction.

“Deadpool, as usual, has hatched a grand plan,” says Way of DEADPOOL #37, out May 25. “It has nothing to do with him being a hero, mercenary, or anything else, but [he] is on a mission for a singular selfish reason. The tone of this story arc is probably more serious than readers have recently seen but, ultimately, this is Deadpool we’re talking about and his plans usually end up going awry in amusing ways.

“Deadpool is in love with Death, and has been for a very long time. To him, obtaining death is getting the girl in the end that he will be with for all eternity. He also sees death as the ultimate challenge since he just can’t die. After recent events, Deadpool sat down and asked himself, ‘Just what do I really want?’ and the answer was Death.”

Like Thanos before him, Deadpool finds the quest to attract the frankly-frightening attention of fickle mistress known as Death to be a tricky task, especially since Deadpool’s a bit hard to kill.

Enter the Incredible Hulk.

“Hulk doesn’t realize it, but Deadpool has goaded Bruce Banner into becoming The Hulk and subsequently tricked the Hulk—easy to do once Banner has been relegated to ‘passenger’—into killing him,” Way explains. “Deadpool wants to die, and in true Deadpool fashion, he chooses the biggest bang he can imagine—and that’s Hulk. The goal, here, is total decimation, down to the molecule. Hulk/Banner, of course, doesn’t know that; he mistakenly thinks that he’s just saving people’s lives.

“The fight between Hulk and Deadpool is the most volatile situation you could ever have. It just escalates beyond all reason. It’s ‘unstoppable force’ versus ‘immaculate idiot’.”

DEADPOOL remains a book in which the writer maintains a precarious balance between humor and action, mischief and mayhem. Way keeps things straight through the chaos by adopting an organic style of storytelling.

DEADPOOL #37 preview art by Bong Dazo

“I approach writing the book first and foremost as an action story, so the humor occurs naturally as the story is woven,” he notes. “The humor will be there only if it makes sense; I’d never try to set up a situation simply for the sake of inserting humor. It works because it unfolds in a way that makes sense, and doesn’t feel forced. The one exception to that rule is when I’m purposefully trying to obscure a plot point from the reader. Jokes are good for covering those up, shifting the focus. It’s still there on the page, but readers won’t realize the significance until the final pay-off.”

“Operation: Annihilation” begins in DEADPOOL #37 and will only get deadlier as the mission ramps up.

“Wolverine will make an appearance, and possibly S.H.I.E.L.D.,” teases Way. “Special appearances will also be made by several nuclear explosives, a school bus full of children and a wrecking ball.”



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      seriously, could we get a Profesional writer to do deadpool? And not a comicbook employee who got lucky.daniel way broke a ton of promises he did when he started to write the book, he has taken deadpool no where, he has made fun of him and humilliated him and destroyed his lore. He is damaging the character, but again Marvel doesnt really care about its chars anymore. Just on the SHORT term quick buck.