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Psych Ward

Psych Ward: Thor

The God of Thunder discusses his paternal issues

By Tim Stevens

Thor presents as an adult male of above average physical fitness. He self identifies as the Norse god of thunder and points to the city of Broxton, Oklahoma which, until recently, was also the sight of the so-called “New Asgard,” as evidence.

Religious faiths can often be difficult to navigate in therapy settings so while believing one’s self to be a god is often associated with grandiose thinking and possible schizophrenia, it is this writer’s assertion that Thor’s claims be taken at face value at this time. Although they may be fertile ground for exploration later they do not currently seem to interfere with his day-to-day life and are not identified by the client as treatment goals. He appears both comfortable with his godliness and that true believers in the pantheon he belongs to are few and far between. Similarly, the client’s statement that he has had aliases over time, such as Doctor Donald Blake and EMT Jake Olson, that in fact had different bodies is something to remember as well, but also not an area of focus at this time.

The client arrived with the presenting issue of interpersonal difficulty within the family unit. According to self-report, he has historical clashes with his family, especially his step-brother, the super villain and apparent God of Mischief Loki. At the heart of the current issue, however, was a conflict with his father, Odin, about the client’s choices to dedicate himself to the protection and support of the human race. Following a blowup, Commander Steve Rogers ordered the client to come see this writer.

Not surprisingly, given these circumstances, Thor has proven less then amenable to therapy. Although he has referred others, for instance, the Warriors Three, to this writer, he resented having been sent himself. Additionally, his anger and confusion towards his father’s actions was often overwhelming to him. A table and a computer proved to the victims of errant hammer blows during a particularly expressive emotional outburst.

The client, however, is no brute and capable of deep thinking about himself and others around him. That, paired with his strong respect for Rogers, did him to eventually settle in enough to explore some of his current emotions. In particular, he admitted that he found himself conflicted about his father’s resent resurrection. On the one hand, he was glad to have Odin back; on the other, he was very aware of how it reduced his own role in the pantheon and his ability to control the direction of his life. This ambivalence fuels feelings of anger, resentment, guilt, and self-recrimination. With Odin making such an issue of Thor’s alliance with humanity, the client has found those feelings even more prominently weighing on him.

The client and this writer then discussed how he and his father currently solve disputes and came up with a list of three: Thor grits his teeth and acquiesces, Thor ignores the directive and does what he wants, or the two of them physically fight. Based on this, this writer suggested the idea of discussing the current issues openly with Odin rather than resorting to these maladaptive patterns. The client expressed discomfort and doubt about how this could possibly be effective but agreed that he would make an effort to do so before the next session.

It may be significant to note that Thor’s appointment took place just to the apparent departure of his pantheon from Broxton. It is unclear to this writer where they departed to and details from other sources have been available. This writer is operating under the belief that the client will be able to attend further sessions, but it is unknown at this time if that belief is accurate.

Until such time as it is proven inaccurate, however, this writer is expecting Thor to attend his next appointment with Doctors Matt Fraction and Stuart Immonen this Wednesday, May 4; review file FEAR ITSELF #2 for further details on this client. Additionally, Thor will return to the office to see Doctor Fraction and Doctor Olivier Coipel on May 25; case will be filed under THE MIGHTY THOR #2. Finally, a biographical film documenting Thor’s life will be released this Friday, May 6, in theaters everywhere—Tickets can be purchased now.

Psy D. Candidate Tim Stevens, MA is a Practicum Trainee at a Federal Correctional Institute and a Dialectical Behavior Therapy Consultant who has experience working with clients with a history of maladaptive family dynamics.

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