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Download the X-Men Legacy #250 Podcast

Host Jeff Suter talks with writer Mike Carey about X-MEN LEGACY #250, the series' milestone issue.

The host of the Mighty Marvel Podcast, Senior Art Director Jeff Suter, talks with writer Mike Carey about X-MEN LEGACY #250, the series’ milestone issue illustrated by Khoi Pham and cover by Mico Suayan. What happens after Age of X and in what way have the X-Men changed? What is going on between Rogue and Magneto? And where have Havok, Polaris and Marvel Girl been? Download the new Mighty Marvel Podcast now and learn what’s coming next in X-MEN LEGACY #250.

The Mighty Marvel Podcast is the can't-miss comic book podcast, featuring the biggest stars in the industry such as Brian Michael Bendis, Jeff Loeb, Matt Fraction and more! Make sure you keep checking Marvel Podcast Central or subscribe to The Mighty Marvel Podcast on iTunes, so you never miss any of the action-packed installments!

X-MEN LEGACY #250 Cover

Written by Mike Carey   
Pencils by Khoi Pham
Cover by Mico Suayan
T+ …$4.99
ON SALE June 8, 2011

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They should have an Apocalypse Death War! Archangel vs Gambit vs Wolverine!