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A Dozen Days of Vengeance

A Dozen Days of Vengeance: Radioactive Kid

Joe Casey and Nick Dragotta demonstrate the dangers of getting super powers the old fashioned way

Radioactive Man vs Thor

By Ben Morse

Beginning in July, Joe Casey and Nick Dragotta launch a six-issue ambitious odyssey across time, space and the Marvel Universe, drawing in characters familiar and obscure to explore the complex nature of good, evil, and what lies beyond in VENGEANCE.

Over a 12-day period, Marvel.com will unspool a mere sampling of this story’s sprawling cast and their histories, with Casey offering insight that provides both answers and more questions while Dragotta previews the visual genesis of VENGEANCE.

Get out your compass and then throw it away, as A Dozen Days of Vengeance will take you way off the map and on the path to the craziest adventure you’ve ever had!

First appearing in 1963’s JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY #93, physicist Chen Lu transformed himself into the Radioactive Man under orders from his Chinese superiors in hopes of becoming an unstoppable opponent for Thor. Radioactive Man served as a founding member of the Masters of Evil and opposed the Avengers, Iron Man and others during his career as an ostensible super villain, but always pledged loyalty to his homeland rather than ambition or greed. In recent times, he has made strides towards reformation as a member of the Thunderbolts and China’s People’s Defense Force.

Radioactive Kid by Nick Dragotta

A second Radioactive Man, Russian mutant Igor Stancheck, joined a group of mercenaries invading Wakanda, but met his demise at the hands of future Black Panther, Shuri. Warhead, from the Bastards of Evil, claimed to be the son of Chen Lu, but killed himself and scores of innocent bystanders in an explosion before his true lineage could be determined.

“A hapless teen who thought he could get his own superpowers the old fashioned way: By exposure to radiation,” says Casey, introducing the new Radioactive Kid. “Of course, radiation ain't what it used to be. Two dead parents later, this new Young Master has a real chip on his shoulder.”

Continue to follow A Dozen Days of Vengeance here on Marvel.com and get psyched for VENGEANCE #1, coming your way July 6!

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