A Dozen Days of Vengeance

A Dozen Days of Vengeance: Sugar Kane

This pop princess has seen better days by the time Joe Casey and Nick Dragotta revisit her



Sugar Kane by Nick Dragotta

By Ben Morse

Beginning in July, Joe Casey and Nick Dragotta launch a six-issue ambitious odyssey across time, space and the Marvel Universe, drawing in characters familiar and obscure to explore the complex nature of good, evil, and what lies beyond in VENGEANCE.

Over a 12-day period, Marvel.com will unspool a mere sampling of this story’s sprawling cast and their histories, with Casey offering insight that provides both answers and more questions while Dragotta previews the visual genesis of VENGEANCE.

Get out your compass and then throw it away, as A Dozen Days of Vengeance will take you way off the map and on the path to the craziest adventure you’ve ever had!

Joe Casey introduced the world to Sugar Kane in 2001’s UNCANNY X-MEN #395 to kick off his “Poptopia” storyline. A pop star on the verge of breaking out, Sugar got romantically involved with Chamber of the X-Men, setting off a firestorm of tabloid publicity. After rumors that she had become pregnant with her mutant lover’s baby surfaced, Sugar and her manager arranged an “abduction” by supposed anti-mutant forces in an attempt to rehabilitate her image. Sugar dumped Chamber, admitting their relationship has at least in part been a measured plan to increase her profile and fame.

“She was hot once, she had hits once, she sold records once,” reflects Casey on Sugar Kane’s glory days. “But in a post-Britney, post-Paris, post-Lindsay world, she's just another Behind the Music/Celebrity Rehab subject waiting to happen. Of course, she still knows how to party—and she still hangs with the weird crowd.”

Continue to follow A Dozen Days of Vengeance here on Marvel.com and get psyched for VENGEANCE #1, coming your way July 6!

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Looking forward to this. The world of pop stars and media have changed a lot since she was introduced.


would have been nice for Jono to get some love if she had meant it. instead it was just another crushing blow to his psyche.