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Psych Ward

Psych Ward: The Scarlet Witch

Could the breakdown of Wanda Maximoff have been prevented? Our therapist attempts to find out...

By Tim Stevens

To Commander Rogers,

As requested, I combed through the records and was able to find Wanda Maximoff’s file from before the events referred to as “Avengers Disassembled.” I am having the full complement delivered to you, but wanted to send this, her most recent treatment note, along right away.

I hope this proves useful in preparing for her and/or assessing her current state of mind.


Wanda Maximoff presents as an adult female of above average physical fitness. She is a self-identified mutant and operates as the crime fighter The Scarlet Witch, currently a member of the Avengers. While largely someone who has used her unique gifts to help and protect others, the client has also committed crimes with them. Initially, she began to use her powers as part of a mutant extremist group, the Brotherhood, led by her father, best known as Magneto. Although all parties were unaware of this relationship at the time, there is evidence to suggest that her—and her brother Pietro’s (also known as Quicksilver)—membership in the group was born less of a particular philosophy and more of a feeling of obligation to the leader who had saved their lives from an angry mob. Years later, she would again side with Magneto and attack her former teammates. This was apparently brought on by grief over the loss of her relationship with a then-emotionless Vision and the mental manipulations of her biological father.

The client began seeing this writer as part of a yearly checkup that all Avengers must fulfill. She found the initial assessment helpful and chose to continue with therapy. Her concerns revolve around interpersonal relationships. Three specific areas in particular have come into relief over the course of therapy. First is negotiating her feelings for both her previously estranged and now currently somewhat reconciled husband, The Vision and Simon Williams, Wonder Man, an ex-boyfriend whose brainwaves first gave Vision his humanity. Second is her sibling relationship with the oft-overbearing, overprotective Quicksilver. Third, and finally, is her parentage, specifically being raised by one man, briefly believing herself to the biological daughter of a second, and then later finding she was actually Magneto’s child.

Recently, however, her focus has changed. She has begun to discuss, with increasing frequency, twin sons. The client can appear almost trancelike during these discussions and speaks in a distant tone. Often, when this writer asks follow-up questions, she becomes visibly confused and frustrated in her attempts to answer them. At times, she will even deny that she was talking about them in the first place.

While there is clearly something painful buried deep within her concerning this issue, it is unclear to the writer what this might be. Research into the identities of these children has been fruitless and there are no indications in her files of any offspring, living or dead. Some possible hypotheses are that the twins are younger children who lived in Wundagore as she was growing up that she helped raise and then lost track off, or they are her children that she gave up for adoption for some reason. Either explanation could have led to tremendous guilt, especially given her own struggles to figure out where she came from. That guilt could explain the seeming state of dissociation she enters into as she discusses them and her later denials of bringing them up. Staff has contacted the Avengers to request whatever other records they might be willing to share and the hope is that this further information might explain the situation more fully.

In general, however, the client appears stable and seems to perform well as both a citizen and a costumed adventurer. Although her youth was spent in relative isolation and her relationship with her brother is clearly enmeshed, she has made connections with others and created a strong support system for herself. Her brief return to criminality appears to have been caused by unstable object relations, but she has done much since to address those issues, often without knowing it, and appears more stable for it.

Going forward, this writer plans to continue working with Maximoff to increase her interpersonal skills and emotion regulation, her identified treatment goals. Additionally, the situation with her possible children will also be investigated further and her mood regarding this issue will continue to be monitored.

Commander Rogers,

I urge you to seek out the file AVENGERS: THE CHILDREN’S CRUSADE #6 by Doctors Allan Heinberg and Jim Cheung It should be available for review on June 29 and may offer further insight into Wanda Maximoff.

Psy D. Candidate Tim Stevens, MA is a Practicum Trainee at a Federal Correctional Institute and a Dialectical Behavior Therapy Consultant who has experience working with clients with trauma histories and resulting difficulties with interpersonal relationships and regulating emotions.

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totally agree with you they should bring back scarlet witch as an avenger


Bring back the original Vision....only he can calm down her and give her that she wants...true love!!!