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A Dozen Days of Vengeance

A Dozen Days of Vengeance: Barnell Bohusk

An outcast with the heart of a hero returns for this new series by Joe Casey and Nick Dragotta

Barnell Bohusk by Nick Dragotta

By Ben Morse

Beginning in July, Joe Casey and Nick Dragotta launch a six-issue ambitious odyssey across time, space and the Marvel Universe, drawing in characters familiar and obscure to explore the complex nature of good, evil, and what lies beyond in VENGEANCE.

Over a 12-day period, Marvel.com will unspool a mere sampling of this story’s sprawling cast and their histories, with Casey offering insight that provides both answers and more questions while Dragotta previews the visual genesis of VENGEANCE.

Get out your compass and then throw it away, as A Dozen Days of Vengeance will take you way off the map and on the path to the craziest adventure you’ve ever had!

Born in the Netherlands and making his Marvel Universe debut in 2001’s NEW X-MEN #117, the mutant nicknamed Beak gained a humanoid bird form but unfortunately not the innate ability to fly upon reaching puberty and found sanctuary with the X-Men. He gained some confidence being mentored by Beast, entered into a romance with Angel the led to several offspring and ultimately led the charge against a Magneto imposter who threatened New York City.


Barnell would become unhinged in time briefly and adventure with the extra-dimensional Exiles before returning home to Angel where both lost their powers due to M-Day. The former Beak would also serve a short term with the tech-powered New Warriors as the armored Blackwing, but required to a quiet life with Angel and their children after the team disbanded.

“The former ‘Beak’ is back and ready to rock [in VENGEANCE],” proclaims Casey. “[He is] a necessary ingredient of the new Teen Brigade. As a young father, this is a guy who knows what he's fighting for.

Continue to follow A Dozen Days of Vengeance here on Marvel.com and get psyched for VENGEANCE #1, coming your way July 6!

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You know, I was already more excited about this story than any other book Marvel was putting out in July...but now....JESUS, this feels like exactly the direction I wish the whole Marvel Universe was going.