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Archrivals: X-Men vs Aliens

Mutants take on extraterrestrials as the X-Men clash with the Brood, Badoon and more

By Jim Beard

Not all of the X-Men’s foes count themselves as earthborn; many came from the stars to test their mettle against the world’s mutant heroes. Currently, in the pages of UNCANNY X-MEN—issue #538 on sale June 15—the team’s once again up against aliens, this time in the form of the dissidents from Breakworld. Will opponents from another world succeed in bringing death to the X-Men where villains from this planet have failed?

Time to delve into a bit of X-history and see what luck our heroes encountered fighting aliens in the past.

X-MEN #65 (1970)

One of the X-Men’s very first meetings with aliens! Having just learned that their beloved Professor X still lived, the young heroes plunged headlong into a confrontation with the warmongering Z’Nox race. The X-Men landed on the aliens’ approaching planetoid while on Earth Xavier channeled all his psychic energies in an all-out power assault on the Z’Nox. It worked and together the X-Men turned the tide against the invaders, saving the entire planet.

X-MEN #107 (1977)

Beware the Shi’ar Imperial Guard! On this side the Guard, fighting for evil Emperor D’Ken, and on the other side the X-Men, in the service of the beautiful Lilandra, beloved of Professor X. The overwhelming number of alien Guardsmen didn’t serve them well against Earth’s mutants, and the ensuing battle looked like a stalemate until the timely arrival of Corsair and the Starjammers. Too bad the M’Kraan Crystal threatened to blow a fuse…


The Badoon, scaly invaders from beyond, messed with the Fantastic Four’s friend Arkon and his kingdom, so the X-Men joined forces with the FF to put the green nasties back in their place. It took great cunning and strategy on the part of all the heroes to match the sly subterfuge of their opponents, but with the help of Arkon’s brave army the hordes of Badoon found themselves soundly beaten and run off the planet on a rail.


The Brood arrive! While the proud Shi’ar demanded the X-Men help them save their queen, Lilandra, back on Earth the villainous Deathbird ran amuck with her cronies, the parasitic Brood. The hideous, insectoid race proved to be capable of much mischief as they attacked Storm and Corsair in broad daylight, but thankfully, the other X-Men raced to their friends’ rescue. When the smoke from the fight cleared, though, the mutants had a casualty on their hands: Colossus.


Barely minutes after the X-Men declared their renewed roles as super heroes, a test of their abilities and powers arrived in the towering from of Ord of the Breakworld. Holding a group of humans hostage, Ord challenged the mutants and met them head-on in battle; he bested them all. Then, when things looked their worst, Lockheed rushed to the fore. Kitty Pryde’s dragon friend fried Ord with a blast of fire and drove the alien away to lick his wounds and plan new strategies.

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