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A Dozen Days of Vengeance

A Dozen Days of Vengeance: Son of Satan

Joe Casey and Nick Dragotta add Daimon Hellstrom to an already volatile mix

By Ben Morse

Beginning in July, Joe Casey and Nick Dragotta launch a six-issue ambitious odyssey across time, space and the Marvel Universe, drawing in characters familiar and obscure to explore the complex nature of good, evil, and what lies beyond in VENGEANCE.

Over a 12-day period, Marvel.com will unspool a mere sampling of this story’s sprawling cast and their histories, with Casey offering insight that provides both answers and more questions while Dragotta previews the visual genesis of VENGEANCE.

Get out your compass and then throw it away, as A Dozen Days of Vengeance will take you way off the map and on the path to the craziest adventure you’ve ever had!

Perhaps no member of the VENGEANCE cast has a more checkered past than Daimon Hellstrom, but for a guy who goes by the working name Son of Satan, would you expect anything less? That’s no nickname by the way; Daimon does indeed claim his heritage from the Devil himself.

The offspring of Lucifer and a human woman, Daimon—who debuted in 1973’s GHOST RIDER #1—grew up being tutored in the dark arts by his father, but rebelled against his heritage, becoming a demonologist, exorcist, and later a super hero. As Son of Satan, Hellstrom joined the Defenders, where he served a long stint and met the woman he would later marry, Patsy Walker, aka Hellcat. Unfortunately, once his father’s lineage began to corrupt Daimon, Patsy sought to escape their marriage by committing suicide; she has since returned to life, but the couple never reconciled.

Hellstrom has been particularly active of late, briefly joining Nighthawk’s latest Defenders team, battling inter-dimensional zombies with the Midnight Sons, aiding the New Avengers against The Hood and other mystical threats, helping the Ghost Riders in their campaign to topple Zadkiel, and serving in the God Squad during Chaos War.

“Hellstrom's a favorite character of mine and he's back in all his four-color glory for this adventure,” says Casey. “He'll have to use his supernatural abilities to their fullest extent; and, as always, he'll look good doing it.”

Continue to follow A Dozen Days of Vengeance here on Marvel.com and get psyched for VENGEANCE #1, coming your way July 6!

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I have read Defenders and I believe SOS works better in a team. Perhaps Marvel should consider a new X team with Namor, SOS, Ghost Rider and Hercules.