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Psych Ward: Skaar

With the throne of the Savage Land up for grabs, the government assesses a possible new monarch



By Tim Stevens

Given the information provided regarding the subject this is the best assessment this writer and the staff could assemble. Again, I must restate that this document cannot be considered an estimate of future dangerousness. This writer has never met the subject and it is unethical to reach such conclusions without formal sessions. Instead, please take this as a simple summary of the material and well reasoned hypotheses regarding possible personality traits. I understand information on what is happening in the Savage Land is spare and it is unclear what exactly is occurring. That said, I would urge you to not extrapolate too much from the facts and opinions discussed here.

Skaar presents as an adult male of above average physical fitness, height, and general size. Records indicate he is a human-alien hybrid, the result of a union between the Bruce Banner—The Hulk—and an extraterrestrial. The subject favors his more Hulk-like appearance, but has a documented “human” side that he has transformed into on occasion. Despite Skaar’s alien origins, living on Earth does not appear to have affected him in any visible physical manner and there are no records to indicate mental or physical ill effects.

Initially, when the subject arrived on Earth, he was a lone agent, wishing to keep himself separate from others and driven to achieve one goal: the destruction of his father. When that effort was stymied by Banner’s inability to achieve his Hulk form, Skaar determined he would stay and wait for that condition to end. By making this choice, the subject was forced to stay in close proximity to his father.

This connection appears to have begun a process in Skaar, leading to an emotional evolution. Under the auspices of “training” to kill The Hulk, the subject began to act the part of a costumed hero, taking on various super villains and joining with the likes of the Avengers. When finally given the chance to complete his “mission” he opted not to instead absorbing a vicious beating at the Hulk’s hands. In time, The Hulk realized this, reverted to human form, and embraced Skaar. Seemingly, this reduction of tension has continued and Skaar is no longer driven by this Oedipal rage.

From here, Skaar has seemed to develop an interest in joining a family. He loosely organized the various Hulks into a pod of sorts, first, and there are indications the he is currently staying in the Savage Land, in part, to raise the children of a deceased Sakaarian refugee.

Given these changes, it is difficult to guess at what, if any, designs Skaar might have on the Savage Land throne. His previous desire to be apart from others would have prevented him from even pursuing such a position. Now, however, he appears to be dedicated to connecting to others and cultivating a place on this planet. However, the attitude he exhibited when he first arrived on Earth, one that would suggest the kind of ruthlessness needed to seize power, seems to have gone by the wayside. Thus, he is both more and less likely to look to become the Savage Land’s newest ruler.

Further information on Skaar can be found in the file SKAAR: KING OF THE SAVAGE LAND #5 from Doctors Rob Williams and Brian Ching. The volume will be available for review on July 20.

Psy D. Candidate Tim Stevens, MA is a Practicum Trainee at a Federal Correctional Institute and a Dialectical Behavior Therapy Consultant.

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