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Children's Books

Three New Marvel Origin Stories For Kids

Younger Marvel fans can now discover the beginnings of three of Marvel's best through these brand new books

Marvel Press and the Disney Book Group are proud to present three new Marvel Origin storybooks perfect for fans of the comic series, young kids, and their parents! The three new stories feature some of the best Marvel has to offer and all three characters have pasts truly worthy of an origin story.

Don’t pass up the opportunity to learn about Spider-Man and his tragic beginnings in The Amazing Spider-Man. Failing to use his powers responsibly, Spider-Man suffers a loss that will shape him into the hero that he is today.

Discover the birth of one of the greatest hero teams of all time, the X-Men, as an ambitious Professor X does his best to find peace in a world of adversity in The Uncanny X-Men.

Finally, learn about the humbling beginnings of the mighty Thunder God himself, Thor, as he is banished from his home of Asgard to learn humility at the hands of the human race in The Mighty Thor.

All three books are in full color and are now available online or at your local bookstore! Take a peek at these pictures before snagging a few stories for the youngsters in your life, and be sure to check back at Marvel.com for the latest in all of our kids titles!

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