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Track the infestation and outbreak across Manhattan



Map as of 9/8/11

Something’s not right in New York City.

No, I’m not talking about the traffic or the trash or another bedbug epidemic—though that last one may be close. I don’t even mean the big brawls between the good guys and bad guys in spandex and armor, though I have a hunch they may have something to do with it.

Things have been happening across Manhattan; weird things, even weirder than usual. At first it seemed liked isolated incidents, but the more I connect the dots, it seems like a web of conspiracy.

It seems like an infestation.

Ordinary people seem to be doing stuff I thought only Spider-Man could do. They’re climbing on walls, flipping around and showing, I dunno, the proportionate strength of a spider. And everywhere I look, I’m seeing bugs.

It’s creepy.

Who knows what’s going on, but if there’s any chance of sorting it out, I’m gonna give it a shot. I’ve put together this map and will be tracking anything out of the ordinary as it goes down. Follow along with me and let me know if you’re catching something I’m missing.

I can’t reveal my name right now, there are too many unanswered questions, but you can contact me on Twitter @Marvel, just use the hashtag #SpiderIsland.

1. First Contact

716 Broadway Ave, New York, NY (Broadway Ave. and Washington Pl.)

A whole bunch of people in this general vicinity reported various bug-related incidents within hours of one another. Bugs in air vents, bugs in shower drains—bugs everywhere! Lots of people getting bitten as well—too many for this to just be because of the weather or something. To make things even spookier, some folks in the area swear they saw a monster sitting next to a gargoyle…

2. School Violence

Maria Stark Academy, 20 E 128th Street, New York, NY (E 128th St. Between 5th Ave. and Madison Ave.)

The NYPD has been trying to cover this up, but there was some sort of incident that took place at this high school going beyond your usual bullying. From what I’ve been able to gather, one student pulled a gun on a group of his classmates and another kid managed to diffuse the situation—by leaping halfway across a hallways and practically putting the gunman through a locker with one hand. Does the athletic department need stronger drug testing or is there more to this? I tend toward the latter…

3. House Fire

6359 83rd Place, Middle Village, NY (83rd Pl. Between 63rd Ave. and Penelope Ave.)

A family residence caught fire and fortunately Spider-Man arrived in time to pull the children trapped inside from the burning structure. On the surface, this doesn’t really get my conspiracy sense tingling, but there’s more: I’ve got a buddy who lives nearby and he swears the whole time there was a guy who looked like he was itching to dive in and do Spider-Man’s job for him. Not a fireman, not another super hero, just some guy. Ultimately he didn’t make the leap, so maybe it’s nothing, but was that just a concerned citizen or another piece of the puzzle?

4. Cloak & Dagger vs ???

450 W 41st St, New York, NY (W 41st St. Between 10th Ave. and Dyer Ave.)

The vigilantes Cloak & Dagger broke up some street crime in Hell’s Kitchen, but they only managed to nab one of the two perps. The second guy? Did half a dozen somersaults out of their grasp and disappeared over the other side of a building. Last I checked, there’s no shortage of weirdoes in NYC who could do something like that, but most are wearing costumes, not an overcoat and fedora. Supposedly the guy was pretty surprised himself, too…

5. Police Brutality

501 W 47th St, New York, NY (W 47th St. Between 10th Ave. and 9th Ave.)

Carlie Cooper of the NYPD Crime Scene Unit helped apprehend a burglar at this location who had been previously caught by Spider-Man but escaped the Wallcrawler’s patented webbing. A typical day for one of New York’s Finest, right? Not so fast. Officer Cooper did not utilize a gun or billy club to make the best, but instead felled the larger criminal with an unaided backhand that knocked him flat. Raising my red flag even further: Cooper is romantically involved with Peter Parker, the guy who has made his living taking photos of Spider-Man. What’s the connection?

6. Moving Up

581 2nd Ave, New York, NY (2nd Ave. Between 34th St. and 35th St.)

Some contacts I’d rather not divulge filled me in on one Leonard Kornfeld, degenerate gambler and all around an individual I’d prefer not to spend words on if not for what recently occurred. It seems Kornfeld was cornered by two weapon-wielding heavies looking to collect a debt owed their boss when this stringy-haired weasel managed to take the pair out with a split kick that would make most Olympic gymnasts jealous. Even more bizarre, Kornfeld then took off over a several story wall, but not before chatting with—and I’d like to note again that I’m getting this secondhand—a “dude covered in green fur and a monster in a hoodie.” Need to double check these sources…

7. Emergency Ward

St. Luke’s Hospital, 1111 Amsterdam Ave, New York NY (Amsterdam Ave., between W 133th St. and W 114th St.)

Picked this one up from the blog of former DB reporter Betty Brant: She was on the scene when an entire ward of patients went nuts, complaining of bizarre symptoms ranging from objects sticking to their hands, enhanced sight and a strange substance discharging from their wrists. Additionally, she reports many of the “ailing” patients exhibited tremendous strength. That’s quite the laundry list of medical oddities, but put them all together and it doesn’t sound unlike a room full of Spider-People.

8. Riot at Bryant Park

Bryant Park, 461 5th Ave, New York, NY (5th Ave. Between W 42nd St. and W 40th St.)

This is what I’ve been trying to warn you all about! It’s happening! One minute folks are having a peaceful afternoon kicking back, eating lunch and tossing the Frisbee at Bryan Park—the next minute, it’s invasion of the friggin’ arachnids! Goons in Spider-Man costumes of all sorts came out of the proverbial woodwork and caused pandemonium, overturning cars and menacing citizens. When did he even have a neon outfit? Regardless, I was right!

9. Suspicion Confirmed

George Washington Bridge, New York, NY

Once again, the strands of this web are coming together just as I predicted as news reports place Officer Carlie Cooper on the upper level of the GWB and then swinging back toward Manhattan “Spider-Cop” style. I knew there was a connection! Only moments after Cooper took off, another Spider-Man appeared not far behind—the real deal or another imposter?

10. Avengers Assemble

Bryant Park, 455 5th Ave, New York, NY (5th Ave. Between W 42nd St. and W 40th St.)

With the situation worsening at Bryant Park, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes thankfully sprang into action, with Cloak providing transport for Hawkeye, Luke Cage, Ms. Marvel and more. Spider-Woman was with them as well, but best I can tell, she’s not tied up in the craziness other than to help us normal folks out—I hope.

11. Spiders and Wasps

527 W 26th St, New York, NY (W 26th St. Between 11th Ave. and 10th Ave.)

Speaking of Spider-People, Spider-Girl, who I could have sworn until recently was just a kid in a costume, was not only exhibiting powers but clashing with a group of overgrown insectoid-types calling themselves Wasps. What were they fighting over? A baby crawling up the side of a building! Spiders, Wasps and rug rats becoming bedbugs—what’s next, a team of grasshoppers dropping by Madison Square Garden to challenge the Knicks? Ok, I’m not much of a sports guy…

12. Citizen’s Arrest

Bryant Park, 1091 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY (Avenues of the Americas between W 42nd St. and W 40th St.)

Something must be in the water at The DB, because not only did Betty Brant get that early scoop on the infestation epidemic, but Randy Robertson, son of the paper’s editor-in-chief Robbie Robertson, displayed some impressive spider powers in flash fashion not far from the Bryant Park riot, unleashing a decidedly more-than-human right hook on the villainous Hobgoblin and then holding the baddie at bay with stingers and webbing. Is there any rhyme or reason to who this madness is affecting?

13. Bridge Traffic

George Washington Bridge, New York, NY

Another wild card with spider ties joined the fray, as the new Venom joined young heroes Gravity and Firestar in subduing a monstrous figure sporting venomous pincers of his own atop the George Washington Bridge. Not much is known about the latest guy to sport the black and white, but supposedly he has ties with the U.S. government and proved pretty efficient in taking down the creature. The military couldn’t have anything to do with this, could they? I’m not that much of a conspiracy nut…

14. Call to Action

Bryant Park, 1091 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY (Avenues of the Americas between W 42nd St. and W 40th St.)

Should have known Peter Parker would get involved in this sooner or later, but I have to say, I’m glad he did. Spider-Man’s longtime unofficial photo-biographer has gained powers much like that of his meal ticket and immediately took to the Internet where he delivered what even this cynic must admit was a rousing call to arms imploring empowered New Yorkers to demonstrate a sense of responsibility and help stem the outbreak of anarchy. Where did this kid learn to give a speech? And come to think of it, where is the real Spider-Man?

15. I Love New York

Bryant Park, 455 5th Ave, New York, NY (5th Ave. Between W 42nd St. and W 40th St.)

New York received the message loud and clear, with a cadre of typically ordinary—I assume—citizens-turned-webslingers playing cavalry to the Avengers with Parker leading the charge. The riot at Bryant Park seems to be under control and now we’ve at least got some good guys swinging through the sky in addition to the miscreants. It’s darn inspirational and makes you proud to live in this city. I may not have powers of my own—yet—but I’m going to keep updating this space; this may have started as a paranoid way of tracking oddities, but now I’ve got a responsibility to use my own power the right way, and I intend to do it.

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