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Leonard Kirk Joins X-Factor

Writer Peter David and his new artistic collaborator preview what comes next for Jamie Madrox and company

By Ashley McCollum

In September, artist Leonard Kirk joins the X-FACTOR creative team that already includes writer Peter David with issue #225. Kirk will share art duties with Emanuela Lupacchino, who has been with the title for the past several months.

Layla Miller by Leonard Kirk

“I’m so happy to have Leonard Kirk joining Ema Lupacchino on the X-FACTOR art team,” says editor Daniel Ketchum. “Their styles complement each other nicely: both are solid artists who know how to conjure up dynamic super hero action on the page. As he’s inclined to do, Peter David is taking us to some exciting new places in upcoming issues of X-FACTOR and I’m looking forward to see Leonard and Ema illustrate that journey for us.”

“I'm thrilled to be working with Leonard again, because he is easily one of the best storytellers in the industry,” shares David. “Honestly, I think he's like John Buscema in that he makes it look so easy that people don't realize how difficult it is. There is literally nothing I've thrown at him in all the years I've worked with him that he hasn't been able to handle. X-FACTOR fans are in for a treat; they're going to have a chance to see a master storyteller at work.”

It’s been nearly a decade since longtime collaborators David and Kirk paired up.

“I am bloody thrilled to be able to work with Peter again,” agrees Kirk “So far, it's been pretty fun, but I've only just started on my first issue. Still, I imagine that it's going to be a blast. I've read previous issues of X-FACTOR and am really curious to see where this new arc goes.

Guido by Leonard Kirk

“I have enjoyed drawing Guido the most,” he continues. “I like drawing an imposing Hulk-like figure. It's a lot of fun. However, he is also one of the more difficult characters to get right. Guido is just so freaking huge! It can be problematic keeping his scale correct, in relation to the other characters. He will probably become easier and easier to draw, with time.”

With recent projects ranging from NEW MUTANTS to SIGIL, the artist gears up to flex his muscles with the extensive cast of X-FACTOR.

“I wouldn't say that it's a challenge unique to this series, but drawing a team book is always a bit daunting,” notes Kirk. “I like to try and bring a bit of individuality to the characters, wherever I can. There is a tendency for some people get stuck in a rut, drawing all super hero characters with the same bodies and faces. I don't always get it right, myself, but I do try to make each character his or her own person.”

And what will Kirk be depicting in his first arc on the book?

“All hell breaks loose, practically figuratively,” promises David. “They're going to see some very unexpected guest stars showing up, as well as some new creatures that step right out of books of myth and legend. We're also going to be providing answers to questions that were first posed nearly two years ago.”

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