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Captain America Month

Unlimited Highlights: The Red Skull

The greatest foe of Captain America seizes the digital spotlight

We’re celebrating the July 22 premiere of “Captain America: The First Avenger” with Captain America Month! Enjoy daily doses of new Cap goodness including interviews with the film’s cast and crew as well as some of the biggest creators in the Sentinel of Liberty’s history, retrospectives on our hero’s most memorable Marvel comics and surprises galore! Come back to Marvel.com every day for new Cap Month coverage, and mark your calendars for July 22 to see the Star-Spangled Avenger in action!

By Ben Chabala

Every week we'll pick a handful of awesome comics from the thousands available through Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited. From creator spotlights to editor's picks and more, this'll be your spot to find something new and cool.

To prepare you for Marvel Studios’ next awesome summer blockbuster, “Captain America: The First Avenger”—in theaters July 22—and Greg Pak’s all-new origin series starring the rouge-skinned sociopath, RED SKULL: INCARNATE—first issue on sale next week—we’re giving you five awesome issues that introduce you to Cap’s archenemy Johann Schmidt and show you just how devious and deadly he can be!


The Red Skull returns from beyond the black gates of eternity to once again sow fear, discord, and death amongst the living in the name of Nazi Germany and the Third Reich.  This time the crimson-faced mastermind aims to off the heads of U.S. military intelligence in a grotesquely operatic approach, marking each murder with the somber notes of Chopin’s Funeral March. Can Captain America and Bucky put an end to the Skull’s foul schemes before the lilting notes fall again on dead ears?

INVADERS #5 (1975)

What would happen if America’s greatest heroes turned against their nation? Discover the answer as Captain America, Namor, The Human Torch and Toro lay waste to a weapons manufacturing plant in the Midwest and then turn their gaze to the rest of the United States! Who could possibly break the minds of the Invaders and force them to fight against the country which they so tirelessly defend? A certain rosy-cheeked Nazi charlatan comes to mind, and when The Red Skull hijacks America’s airwaves he makes it clear that now the Invaders fight for him!


How do you fight an enemy that no one else believes exists? Under attack by foes that only he can see, the shield slinging Sentinel of Liberty schedules an appointment with a psychiatrist to make sure he hasn’t had one too many concussions while fighting the forces of evil. Little does he know that his archenemy, the nefarious Red Skull, planned this entire caper hoping to convince the world that Cap’s gone crazy! Will Captain America prove his sanity while taking down the bad guys, or end up spending the rest of his days in a padded cell?

AVENGERS #69 (1998)

A crimson fog of flesh-eating bacteria slowly spreads outwards from Mount Rushmore, a deadly cloud released by the one and only Red Skull. Posing as U.S. Secretary of Defense Dell Rusk, the fascist monster managed to take out The Falcon and Henry Gyrich while planning to pin the blame on the sovereign nation of Wakanda and possibly start World War III! Now unless the Avengers can stop the virus from claiming any more lives, oust The Red Skull from office, and save some of their own, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and the United States might be done for!


Finally back from his whirlwind vacation through time, Steve Rogers must throw down with The Red Skull for control of his own body! Captain America needs to exorcise his personal demon pronto or Sin will destroy everything he holds dear. Of course even if Cap does manage to wrestle back his motor functions, the Skull probably has a backup plan, one that most likely includes transferring his consciousness into a massive metal monstrosity that could stomp Washington D.C. flat in seconds.

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Tales of Suspense #66; modern origin story


My favorite Red Skull story is from Captain America Vol. 1 #290,292-301. Especially #298.