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X-23: Reinforcements

Marjorie Liu recruits the FF to drop by and give X-23 a hand against a major threat

By Jim Beard

Thirteen’s an unlucky number? Maybe not for X-23, the clone of Wolverine, who’s stuck in a situation so dire in X-23 #13 only the timely arrival of a few friends might turn the tide.

X-23 #13 preview art by Phil Noto

Those friends? The FF themselves—formerly known as the Fantastic Four, now the Future Foundation! It all happens August 3 under the watchful eye of award-winning novelist and comic writer Marjorie Liu alongside artist Phil Noto.

“What happens is that a cosmic power is unleashed on New York City, a power with very specific ties to X-23, Sue Storm, and Spider-Man,” explains Liu. “In order to keep this villain from consuming the city—and the rest of the world—they have to band together to defeat this crazy, hungry, entity.  

“X-23 is focused on finding a young man who has a very specific tie to her past; he's the one person she didn't kill during a trigger scent induced rage. She wants to know why, for her own peace of mind. But, of course, nothing turns out the way she expects.

Guest appearances and team-ups allow the opportunity to see how different denizens of the Marvel Universe may interact. So, how about X-23 and the FF?

“Her reaction to the FF will be restrained, at first,” reports Liu. “She doesn't know them, they don't know her, but they need each other in order to face off against an incredibly powerful villain.”

For the writer herself, she feels great about the FF’s appearance.

“I admit, I love writing the FF,” says Liu. “Reed is sometimes a challenge, simply because he can be very technical, but otherwise each and every one of them is a joy. Especially Sue.  

X-23 #13 preview art by Phil Noto

“The best thing about these team-ups is that it expands the world that X-23 lives in. She's a vibrant, complicated young woman who has a lot to offer, and its wonderful writing her into situations that allow her to shine and grow under the influence of some truly interesting characters such as Sue Storm and Spider-Man.”

In all, X-23 #13 allows Liu to not only deliver a hard-hitting adventure with fascinating protagonists, but also to comment upon the nature of power, emotions and the fabric of our being:

“Power has frightening consequences, but the power you let fear have over you can be even more traumatizing. That doesn't change, whether you're a mutant or human or totally cosmic.”

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