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Ultimate Comics Reborn

The Ultimate Fan Q&A

Ultimate editor Mark Paniccia answers your questions from Twitter, plus exclusive Ultimate Comics Hawkeye art


The Death of Spider-Man has come and gone. The Fallout begins this week. And by next month, Ultimate Comics Univer Reborn touches down and brings with it the dawn of a whole new era for the world that has no rules.

Last week we spoke with Ultimate editors Mark Paniccia and Sana Amanat about what's coming up for the Ultimate Comics line, but today we turn over the reins to you the fans, as we've collected your questions from Twitter and posed them to the folks who know. Keep checking back all day as Mark will be revealing new details about what's in store for the Ultimates, the former X-Men, a new Spider-Man and the rest of the Ultimate Comics heroes and villains. We'll also be unveiling exclusive art from ULTIMATE COMICS HAWKEYE #1 by Rafa Sandoval, so refresh that page!

ULTIMATE COMICS HAWKEYE #1 preview art by Rafa Sandoval
And away we go...

@thsuingAny chance of there being a Thunderbolts team in the Ultimate U?

Mark Paniccia: I had wanted to do an Ultimate Thunderbolts at one point, but the timing didn't work. If the right idea comes along with Brian Bendis, Jonathan Hickman or Nick Spencer, I'd be all over that.

@AntiCarnage: What is going to happen to Ultimate Venom? Any plans of bringing him back to face the new wall-crawler?

Mark Paniccia: In the immediate future, Brian will focus more on building a new cast of villains for the new Spider-Man.

@theswordisdrawn: The guy in the Captain Britain costume in the ULTIMATE COMICS ULTIMATES preview art, is that Jamie Braddock, Brian's older brother?

Mark Paniccia: Yup!

@GMoraesCosta: Simple: who's the new Spider-Man

ULTIMATE COMICS HAWKEYE #1 preview art by Rafa Sandoval
Mark Paniccia:
Only one of the most important new Marvel characters of the 21st century.

@cjlethal: Will we see Hawkeye's origins and criminal past?

Mark Paniccia: Yes, Jonathan starts to touch on this early in ULTIMATE COMICS HAWKEYE. The stuff we've read is great and goes more in-depth with his past.

@evegajr: Will we see any other Hulk characters in the Ultimate Universe like Red Hulk, Red She-Hulk, A-Bomb, etc.?

Mark Paniccia: No plans right now. You can only get your red gamma fix in the monthly HULK by Jeff Parker and Gabriel Hardman.

@FrankNunezIII: Can we expect to see Ben Grimm in his new form as a major player?

Mark Paniccia: There is a good chance. Brian created a lot of cool stuff in the Ultimate Enemy Trilogy and there's been a lot of talk about continuing certain elements.

@tjohn224: How big a factor is Norman Osborn going to be in Ultimate Comics Universe Reborn? As big of a threat as mainstream Norman?

ULTIMATE COMICS HAWKEYE #1 preview art by Rafa Sandoval
Mark Paniccia: We're going to give some other heavies spotlight time.

@LostInLDN: Are there plans for a new Ultimate Fantastic Four (obviously with a new team roster) for the future?

Mark Paniccia: No, but for all those Johnny Storm fans out there, he'll be joining a new team soon.

@Bullseye1984: Will we still see Cap around?

Mark Paniccia: See ULTIMATE FALLOUT #6 for the answer.

Thanks to Mark for taking the time to answer these questions, and keep checking back on Marvel.com for all the latest on Ultimate Comics Universe Reborn!

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      R u guys going to develop a ultimate scarlet spider comic? That would make me really happy along with everyone else.


      will you still have mj, gwen, and aunt may? and will the new spidey work in the daily bgle too?


      If I just started reading comics I would just buy the Ultimate Universe comics.


      Any chance of seeing an Ultimate Scarlet Spider?Is the new Spider-Man a character exclusive to Ultimate Marvel or one that already exists in the 616 continuity?