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Cookies and milk, peanut butter and chocolate, Cable and Deadpool? Some things are better when they are together. Join Marvel’s premiere odd couple by purchasing CABLE/DEADPOOL #1-12 for only 99 cents per single digital issue on the Marvel Comics App today.  
What’s in store for our dynamic twosome in CABLE/DEADPOOL #1-12?  Without giving too much away, Nathan and Wade have to deal with Eastern European flesh-eating zombies, a reformed Six Pack, a gratuitous appearance by the X-Men and…Cable vs. Silver Surfer?!? That's right! Nathan squares off with the Cosmic One in an intergalactic showdown that has to be seen to be believed. You’ll not only get all kinds of high octane wackiness but you’ll also experience Wade Wilson cracking wise and Nathan blowing stuff up with his big gun.
What more can you ask for? You’ll get action and comedy all for under a dollar per issue.  Purchase CABLE/DEADPOOL #1-12 today on the Marvel Comics App. Do so before 11 PM ET today before this deal expires!

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