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Thor Movie

Unlimited Highlights: Odin

The Allfather steps into the digital spotlight to celebrate this Tuesday's release of 'Thor' on Blu-ray & DVD!

“Thor” storms onto Blu-ray, DVD and digital download on September 13, and to celebrate the event we’ll be bringing you daily doses of content featuring the Mighty Avenger. Check back to Marvel.com daily for looks back at the film and Thor’s storied history, and pre-order “Thor” now on Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray, DVD and on iTunes now!

Every week we'll pick a handful of awesome comics from the thousands available through Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited. From creator spotlights to editor's picks and more, this'll be your spot to find something new and cool.

By Ben Chabala

Odin takes center stage this week as we spotlight just a couple of his most amazing exploits. We’ve sorted through Odin’s almost infinite number of astounding adventures to bring you only the best the Allfather has to offer and we’re positive the following tales will thrill your socks off!

Journey Into Mystery #98


The Ice Giants of Jotunheim lay siege to Asgard’s ancient battlements, transforming the wondrous landscape of the shining city into an arctic wasteland. Yet when all seems lost with the monstrous cold ones on the very verge of victory, one-eyed Odin enters the fray, armed with nothing but his deadly enchanted blade. The omnipotent Allfather flings himself into the frozen, unforgiving arms of his eternal enemies and their battle resounds even to the roots of the World Tree! The only question is--who will emerge the victor?

Thor #353

THOR #353

With the terrible fire demon Surtur poised to fling hellfire across the Nine Worlds, only Odin and his sons stand in the way of burning Armageddon. As Earth’s heroes rush to put a stop to Surtur’s machinations on Midgard, Odin, Thor, and Loki do battle with the crimson king of Muspelheim. Yet even the combined wrath of Odin’s unparalleled power, the mighty magic of Mjolnir, and Loki’s inimitable illusions hardly faze the would-be world conqueror. Do the bells of doom toll for Earth?

Thor #40

THOR #40

Once again, as if he didn’t get enough of this sort of thing, Surtur menaces Midgard with an all-consuming blaze. Even with Earth’s greatest champions and Asgard’s most storied warriors dueling in tandem, the tide of Surtur’s minions seems endless, threatening to drown the world in a wave of fire. Then, in a blinding flash, Odin joins the mortal melee. Empowered by Tarene the Designate’s nearly limitless energies, Odin clashes with Surtur one final time. Will the Lord of Asgard pay the ultimate price to save the Nine Realms from ultimate destruction?

Thor (2007) #8

THOR (2007) #8

Deep within the restorative slumber known to all Asgardians as the Odinsleep, Thor finds his father locked in endless combat with Surtur, his archenemy. Every day Odin kills the fire demon, and every night he dies of his own wounds, only to be resurrected to fight again on the morrow. But this day Thor joins his hammer to his father’s sword and together their weapons dance with the demon who brought such terror and death to the Nine Worlds. For Asgard!

Thor: Man of War #1


Thunder crashes and lightning flashes as Thor takes his tempestuous rage on a whirlwind tour throughout the Nine Worlds. Odin takes notice, and to quell his son’s fury he sends Brunnhilda and her Valkyries to stay mighty Mjolnir’s thunder by either force or feminine wiles--the Allfather cares not which. Yet when Thor proves more than a match for both, Odin dons his armor, the ashen battle suit known as the Destroyer, and sets out to teach Thor a lesson in humility...a long, painful lesson.

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