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Avengers: Children's Crusade - Magneto

Allan Heinberg discusses the Master of Magnetism, his motivations and the family reunion he has instigated

By Ben Morse

The Scarlet Witch changed everything.

She did it when she disassembled the Avengers.

She did it when she created the House of M.

She did it when she said “No more mutants.”

She’s about to do it again.

For the past year, AVENGERS: THE CHILDREN’S CRUSADE has chronicled the Scarlet Witch’s return in an epic adventure that has drawn in all of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes as well as the X-Men, X-Factor, Magneto, Doctor Doom and more. With the pivotal issue #7 on sale Wednesday, September 21, we’ve enlisted writer Allan Heinberg to revisit the critical events and major players, as well as discuss what will happen next.

Magneto has lost his family many times over the years, be it to bigotry, his own egotism, or tragedy even he can’t control. When the opportunity to regain his children and grandchildren presented itself, he leapt for it. Will the entire Marvel Universe regret his choice?

The Master of Magnetism in many ways instigated the events of AVENGERS: THE CHILDREN’S CRUSADE, intercepting the Young Avengers—including supposed grandsons Wiccan and Speed—and galvanizing them into a quest for his missing daughter The Scarlet Witch, whether they wanted to be a part or not.

Along the way to the reunion he sought, Magneto also butted up against his prodigal son, Quicksilver, his old rival Doctor Doom, and of course the Avengers. Now, with Wanda Maximoff back in the picture, will her father at last rekindle the relationship he has been seeking or lose her once more?

We spoke with writer Allan Heinberg about this complex figure.

Marvel.com: What drives Magneto to seek out his supposed grandchildren?

Allan Heinberg: In [AVENGERS: THE CHILDREN’S CRUSADE #2], Magneto tells the Young Avengers that he takes full responsibility for having destroyed his own family and he humbly reaches out to Billy and Tommy to try to rebuild that family, the first step of which is finding Wanda. But it's still too early to speak to the full extent of Magneto's true ambitions in recruiting Wiccan and Speed to his cause.

Marvel.com: How would you contrast the relationship Magneto has with his daughter with the one he has with his son?

Allan Heinberg: When they were all last seen together in House of M, Wanda's relationship with Magneto seemed fairly loving—until Magneto killed Quicksilver, of course. Quicksilver's relationship with him was contentious to say the least. Wanda tends to hope for the best where Magneto is concerned; whereas Quicksilver assumes the worst and is usually right.

Marvel.com: Why is Magneto willing to risk his good standing with the X-Men with his actions in this series?

Allan Heinberg: Because his daughter—or at least his daughter's reality-altering power—is that important to him. And, in Magneto's mind, he hasn't disobeyed any direct order by searching for Wanda.

Marvel.com: How do the revelations he encounters, including seeing Wanda with his old rival Doctor Doom, weigh on Magneto in this series?

Allan Heinberg: Doom's involvement only strengthens Magneto's resolve to save his daughter. Magneto will not be satisfied until Wanda is safely at his side and under his protection.  

Marvel.com: How is the Magneto you’re writing here markedly different from his past incarnations? How has he evolved?

Allan Heinberg: Magneto's time among the X-Men seems to have humbled him, or at least to have taught him the value of feigning humility. He's more apt to take responsibility for himself than to deflect blame on others. And he's a bit more emotionally articulate than in the recent past. But, of course, he is Magneto, so all that could just be pose; just another way to manipulate others to achieve his own ends.  

Keep joining us all week long for more with Allan Heinberg as we gear up for AVENGERS: THE CHILDREN’S CRUSADE #7!

Also, check out the full run of YOUNG AVENGERS on Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited and The Marvel App!

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