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Avengers: Children's Crusade - Iron Lad

Allan Heinberg talks about the return of the prodigal Young Avengers leader and the complications he has caused

By Ben Morse

The Scarlet Witch changed everything.

She did it when she disassembled the Avengers.

She did it when she created the House of M.

She did it when she said “No more mutants.”

She’s about to do it again.

For the past year, AVENGERS: THE CHILDREN’S CRUSADE has chronicled the Scarlet Witch’s return in an epic adventure that has drawn in all of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes as well as the X-Men, X-Factor, Magneto, Doctor Doom and more. With the pivotal issue #7 on sale Wednesday, September 21, we’ve enlisted writer Allan Heinberg to revisit the critical events and major players, as well as discuss what will happen next.

In the midst of the chaos caused by their quest to find The Scarlet Witch in AVENGERS: THE CHILDREN’S CRUSADE, the Young Avengers have experienced at least one pleasant surprise with the return of their founder, Iron Lad, though even this cause for celebration has come with no small amount of stress.

Last seen departing our era to keep his adult counterpart—and Avengers archenemy—Kang the Conqueror from destroying the timeline, Iron Lad bounced through the past and possible future before making his way back to the present at the crucial moment to save Wiccan and The Scarlet Witch from a lethal attack by Wolverine. He then pulled his teammates into the timestream and back to the moment when Wanda Maximoff inadvertently set off the worst day in Avengers history, managing to restore her memory and also save the life of Stature’s father, Ant-Man, in the process.

As the action has resumed in present day, Iron Lad has also become locked in a bizarre romantic entanglement with Stature, the girl he came to have feelings for during his brief Young Avengers tenure, and The Vision, her current boyfriend whose brain patterns come from his own.

Allan Heinberg spoke to us about where Iron Lad’s emotions stand and what goals he has in returning to his old friends.

Marvel.com: Did you always plan to bring Iron Lad back?

Allan Heinberg: I did. I've [wanted] to bring him back since his last appearance in YOUNG AVENGERS SPECIAL #1.  

Marvel.com: How much better do you feel you got to know Iron Lad in telling his spotlight story in the AVENGERS: THE CHILDREN’S CRUSADE – YOUNG AVENGERS one-shot that bridged issues #5 and #6?

Allan Heinberg: Not as well as I would've liked to unfortunately, since that tale was largely a flashback to the early days of the Young Avengers. But I enjoyed discovering that Iron Lad had been keeping busy thwarting Kang the Conqueror since he vanished at the end of YOUNG AVENGERS #6.  And I look forward to spending more time with him in [the remainder of] CRUSADE.

Marvel.com: Does Iron Lad knowingly disrupt the relationship between Stature and Vision or can he just not help it?

Allan Heinberg: I don't think Iron Lad ever stopped loving Cassie. And in his view, The Vision is just an automated doppelgänger, not a credible threat to his relationship with her. He wants to be respectful of Cassie's feelings, of course, but that doesn't mean he's not going to try to prove that he's the better "man."

Marvel.com: How have the team’s experiences since he left altered Iron Lad’s place in their dynamic?

Allan Heinberg: He's no longer their leader now, that's for sure. But I always imagined the Young Avengers having a sort of rotating leadership. First it was Iron Lad, then Patriot, and now it's Hawkeye's turn to lead the team.

Marvel.com: How crucial is Iron Lad to the remainder of this story?

Allan Heinberg: Iron Lad is crucial to the remainder of the story. And in the end, the Crusade will have a profound effect on Iron Lad and will change the character—and all the characters—forever.

Keep joining us all week long for more with Allan Heinberg as we gear up for AVENGERS: THE CHILDREN’S CRUSADE #7!

Also, check out the full run of YOUNG AVENGERS on Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited and The Marvel App!

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