Bring on the Bad Guys 2011

Unlimited Highlights: Bring on the Bad Guys

Five digital comics featuring top tier Marvel villains



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Today in Unlimited Highlights we’re giving you the best of the worst for Bring on the Bad Guys Week.  In a quintet of tales spotlighting the most deadly and devious members of the villain community we’ve got unstoppable forces of nature, mad mutants, would-be world conquerors, not so green goblins, and one purple people controller!  These are 5 issues you’re not going to want to miss!

By Ben Chabala


The Purple Man molds people’s minds just as easily as a child shapes play dough. This time the master manipulator has decided to frame Songbird and Swordsman for 13 murders they didn’t commit and set the entire island of Manhattan against them. Now, unless the two heroes don’t mind cutting a bloody swath through a frenzied crowd, they’re going to need help from the Thunderbolts to out of this one alive.  Question is: What happens if the Purple Man controls them too?

X-MEN #111

Magneto means to ignite World War III. Wielding the awesome power of magnetism and backed by an army of mutants 10,000 strong, he offers terms of surrender to the world’s leaders. Unless every nation swears fealty to the Master of Magnetism they will be purged in the coming genetic holocaust. The world waits with bated breath and humanity’s survival hangs by the thinnest of threads. Will the X-Men take the fight to Genosha or be swept away by Magneto’s inevitable first salvo?

AVENGERS #3 (1963)

What would happen if two of the world’s most powerful beings joined forces to wipe out humanity? Learn the answer in this very issue as Bruce Banner’s unstoppable alter-ego the Incredible Hulk and the prince of tides, the mighty Namor the Sub-Mariner, team up to destroy the Avengers and then the rest of mankind! Can Earth’s Mightiest Heroes stand against the gamma-infused rage of the Green Goliath and the fury of the Avenging Son? Can anyone?


Norman Osborn, the certifiably insane maniac who occasionally dons a goblin mask and cavorts around town trying to kill Spider-Man, now runs the nation’s most powerful peacekeeping organization. Unfortunately, he could care less about the peace and security of America’s huddled masses.  Oh he puts on a smile and says all the right things—heck he even forms his own little band of Avengers, but he taints everything he touches with madness. A dark new day has dawned in the Marvel Universe and nothing will ever be the same!


What does Doctor Doom do in his down time, when he’s not plotting to destroy the FF and conquer the globe? Even while taking a vacation it seems like he’s on the clock.  Amidst a cacophony of tourist traps and curbside charlatans, corner mystics and pseudo-psychics, he searches for Valeria, his lost love. But what does he want with her? Will Victor Von Doom really put aside his warmongering ways for love?

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