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Marvel App: Get Deadpool (1997) Issues for 99 Cents

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DEADPOOL (1997) #2 Cover
Start your October off with a blend of action, comedy and mayhem as the Marvel Comics App proudly presents DEADPOOL (1997) #1-17. For only 99 cents per digital issue, you can experience all of the superhero hijinks and mercenary-for-hire hilarity that only Wade Wilson can deliver!
In DEADPOOL (1997) #1-17, you’ll see everyone’s favorite wise-cracking psychopath strike out on his own… and at the Marvel Universe! Gasp at Deadpool’s unique ability to anger every Marvel hero AND villain that’s ever existed! Marvel at Wade’s uncanny ability to strike out at love with Siryn! Tremble as Mr. Wilson goes back to school and encounters a deadly cadre of ninjas!
We couldn’t make this up if we tried. Purchase DEADPOOL (1997) #1-17 today on the Marvel Comics App and read some of Wade Wilson’s most memorable adventures. Do so quickly because this deal lasts only until 11 PM ET today!

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