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Civil War

Marvel App: Get Civil War: Front Line and X-Men for 99 Cents

Only On Featured Issues! Sale Ends At 11PM ET.

This week on the Marvel Comics App, pick your side and choose your alliances as we present two limited series in the CIVIL WAR saga, CIVIL WAR: FRONT LINE #1-4 and CIVIL WAR: X-MEN #1-4. For only 99 cents per single digital issue, you can own a part of one of Marvel’s biggest storylines ever!
In CIVIL WAR: FRONT LINE #1-4, follow intrepid reporters Ben Urich and Sally Floyd as they cover some of the biggest stories of the Civil War event. From Spider-Man revealing his secret identity to the public punishment of Speedball, Urich & Floyd reveal the burgeoning uncertainty and barely contained chaos that the conflict brings to the Marvel Universe. In CIVIL WAR: X-MEN #1-4, tensions come to a head as the 198, the last mutants on Earth, battle for their independence under the totalitarian watch of Tony Stark’s pro-registration government. It’s X-Man vs. X-Man with the fate of mutantkind hanging in the balance!
Whose side are you on? Purchase CIVIL WAR: FRONT LINE #1-4 or CIVIL WAR: X-MEN #1-4 on the Marvel Comics App for only 99 cents and find out! Do so today because this deal only lasts until 11 PM ET!

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