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New York Comic Con 2011

NYCC 2011: Deadpool

Daniel Way and Carlo Barberi help the Merc With a Mouth search for death in Deadpool #50

By TJ Dietsch

Deadpool wants to die and Daniel Way says it's going to happen.

Way, along with artist Carlo Barberi, will show everyone's favorite assassin exactly what it will take to off himself in “Dead,” a new arc kicking off with February's DEADPOOL #50.

“Deadpool is well-known for doing the impossible,” Way says. “If you need something done that either can't or shouldn't be done, he's the guy to call. The reason why he has positioned himself in this way is because the impossible is the only thing that holds any attraction for him; the things he can't have are the only things he wants. Because of his healing factor, death—real, permanent death—is one of those impossible things. Actually, to him, it's the impossible thing, the crown jewel. He's even gone so far as to envision Death as a beautiful woman whom he considers to be the love of his life. In his mind, self-annihilation has become the ultimate goal, the crown jewel. And as an added bonus, he finally gets the girl!”

While that might seem like a good deal, remember that this particular lady used to be the object of Thanos' desire, and gave even the Mad Titan no shortage of heartache.

“I have been drawing the established Marvel version of Death which is the one with the skull head and the beautiful female body,” Barberi explains. “But I do think that version applies perfectly to Deadpool’s interpretation of Death. Since Deadpool can't die, Death is something out of reach, like a supermodel to a comic book artist.”

Of course, this will not be Deadpool's first attempt to kick the bucket. This past summer's “Operation: Annihilation” arc found our hero throwing himself in the Hulk's way to try and achieve his goal of lying down for the big sleep.

“I've been laying the groundwork for this story for a little over a year, at this point,” Way notes. “I and my editors definitely felt that we had to do something big in order to mark this milestone [of DEADPOOL #50].”

So what exactly can kill the un-killable Merc With a Mouth?

“Essentially, it's Deadpool's Kryptonite,” Way teases. “Actually, now that I think of it, that's an incredibly accurate analogy.”

On the subject of the art, Way had nothing but compliments for Barberi, who has been working on the title on and off since issue #19.

“Seamless,” Way says in describing his collaborator’s style. “Which seems like I'm damning him with faint praise but I really don't know what else to say. He completes me.”

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