Nova Meets Xarth's Mightiest Heroes

Get to know the Luminals, the greatest heroes you’ve never heard of



By Ben Morse

NOVA #8 cover

Next month, Nova goes where no Human Rocket has gone before. Following their narrow escape from the Phalanx during the events of "Annihilation Conquest," Rich Rider and the Worldmind find themselves beyond the known universe in NOVA #8, courtesy of writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning along with guest artist Wellinton Alves. "The action takes place on Knowhere, which is just about the wildest location in the universe," reveals Lanning. "It's an extra-dimensional meeting place that's built inside…well, you'll just have to read it to find out!"

NOVA #8 interior art

Not only stranded light years away from all he knows and loves, Nova must also contend with the Phalanx techno-organic virus still lying dormant within him, threatening to flare up and transform him back into a subservient Select at any moment. Rich needs serious help to get out of this cosmic conundrum, but unfortunately, since Earth's Mightiest Heroes can't return his calls, he'll have to settle for the new kids on the asteroid--from the faraway planet of Xarth, beyond the known Marvel Universe, enter the Luminals! "The Luminals are the premiere defenders of the planet Xarth, their equivalent of the Avengers," explains Abnett. "They've defended their world for a long time against threats every bit as big as Earth's supervillains. They never back down from a fight, as Nova is about to find out."

NOVA #8 interior art

Luminals glimpsed in NOVA #8 include gravity-wielding Suspensor, electricity-manipulating Discharge and heavy hitter Crater. Lanning describes team leader Cynosure as "their 'Captain America,' with strength, endurance and smarts as well as energy powers." "He's highly-trained, battle-tested and brave to the core," says NOVA editor Bill Rosemann of Cynosure. "When you've got a Brood to your left and a Badoon on your right, he's the one you want guarding your back." However, the Luminals' depth chart goes far deeper than four…

NOVA #8 interior art

"They have an extensive roll call, like the Shi'ar Imperial Guard," notes Abnett. "They also practice a custom of 'inheritance,' with their masked identities passing onto others if any should retire or die in the line of duty." "It's like the Phantom, but in outer space," chuckles Rosemann. Aside from the Luminals, Nova encounters a number of other exotic characters during his time in Knowhere, including Cosmo, who may hold the key to the hero's salvation. "He's kind of the law in these parts," notes Lanning. "He likes to keep things running smooth and peaceful. Cosmo has a certain number of unusual features about him. He'll be your best friend."

NOVA #8 interior art

Can Nova count on a group of champions he's never heard of to get him home? Do they even want to? What mysterious threat could end this alliance before it even begins? And what's up with the dog in the spacesuit? These answers, plus more questions and tons of fun, can be found in NOVA #8, on sale November 14. NOVA #8 (SEP072218) Written by DAN ABNETT & ANDY LANNING Penciled by WELLINTON ALVES Cover by ADI GRANOV Rated T+ …$2.99 FOC—10/25/07, On-Sale—11/14/07
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      Got to love this issue. So many first appearances of characters pivotal to late GOTG v2 run and dozens of later Marvel fun.