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The Marvel Life

The Marvel Life: Felicia Day

We chatted with the multitalented actress about video games, Stan Lee, her favorite Marvel characters and more!

By Blake Garris

Felicia Day is probably best known for her work on “The Guild,” “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” “Eureka” and “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.” With a resume like that, it’s no wonder she’s become the queen of geek culture.

The talented actress is beloved by comic book and video game fans because she’s not just a tourist, she’s a legit gamer, a true comic book fan. We were fortunate enough to spend some time with Felicia Day and spoke with her about video games, her new web series “Dragon Age: Redemption,” and who she’d really want to play if she got to be a Marvel character.

Marvel.com: What Marvel Comics do you read? Do you have any favorite stories, characters, writers or artists?

Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson

Felicia Day: I have always loved Spider-Man; the relationship between him and Mary Jane is one of the most romantic in the comic-verse.  I was absolutely in love with it as a kid reading it in the newspaper and as I grew up I read more actual issues and appreciated it more and more.  Joss Whedon’s ASTONISHING X-MEN, I think, is one of the best super hero comics I’ve ever read; he and John Cassaday were just so amazing at putting depth into the characters.  Also, I’m a big fan of Matt Fraction’s THOR lately; my friend Wil Wheaton turned me onto him.

Marvel.com: You've had your own foray into comics with The Guild comic books. Can you talk a little bit about what that experience was like for you?

Felicia Day: The experience was challenging at first.  To go from script writing to comic writing is a big leap because the emphasis is on visuals and conciseness, which is almost the opposite of what I was used to in the [“Guild”] web series.  After a few issues I think I found my voice in the format, and now I enjoy writing in the comic format a lot because there are no budget constraints like in my web series; I can write whatever location I want and it’s free.

Marvel.com: Marvel legend Stan Lee was a guest star on “Eureka” this season. Did you have any funny run-ins with him while you were on set?

Stan Lee in 'The Guild'

Felicia Day: Stan is the nicest person I’ve ever met, and he is a great hugger.  I remember the first time I met him I gave him all my comics and all my DVDs not thinking he’d ever watch or read them.  Just a week later he called me up to tell me how much he enjoyed watching the show. I was blown away! He’s a true gentleman and inspiration.  He actually came to guest star on “The Guild” this season, which also thrilled me!

Marvel.com: You travel to comic conventions a good bit and people obviously sometimes freak out when they get the opportunity to see or meet you. Have you ever had experiences where you saw someone at a convention that you freaked out over?

Felicia Day: I have freaked out over few people, but mostly authors because I’m a huge fantasy/sci-fi fan, so Jaqueline Carey, Patrick Rothfuss, John Scalzi; they were the ones who made [me] mind-blank.  I did almost start crying when I was able to shake James Cromwell’s hand, because “Babe” is my favorite movie, and Simon Pegg left me awestruck after we were introduced to the point where I’m still a bit mortified about how awkward I was.

Agent Abigail Brand

Marvel.com: If you had the opportunity to play any Marvel character, who would it be and why?

Felicia Day: Well, I’d love to say The Scarlet Witch, but The Wasp has to be it.  Or Abigail Brand. She’s a great character.

Marvel.com: You're constantly working. What upcoming projects do you have?

Felicia Day: “The Guild” season 5 just wrapped up, and my new web series that I wrote and produced and act in is [out now]. It’s called “Dragon Age: Redemption” and it’s set in the universe of the EA/Bioware game of the same name.  It was a colossal undertaking to create a fantasy world on a web series budget and I’m so proud of what we accomplished.  The character I created for the web series, Tallis, also continues in a DLC piece of content for “Dragon Age II.”  So you can watch the web series and then play the game with me as a full mo-cap companion character, which I think is a first of its kind.  I also guest starred on the last season of “Eureka” and will be back next season as well.

Felicia Day as Tallis in 'Dragon Age: Redemption'

Marvel.com: You're great at self-promotion and seem very gracious about promoting other things that you're into. What are you into now as far as games, music, TV shows, movies, books, etc?

Felicia Day: I am so delighted to be able to introduce others to things I discover, especially people on the indie side who need highlighting.  Game-wise I’ve been playing “Bastion”, an Xbox Live Arcade title that’s very artistic and beautiful. I’ve been addicted to “Ticket to Ride” on my iPad for a while, and I’m especially looking forward to “Skyrim,” the Bethesda RPG out next month.  For books, I’ve been on an Iain Banks kick, and I have been reading a lot of urban-paranormal stuff like “Hounded,” “The Last Werewolf” and “Grave Dance.”  TV-wise, I’ve been very behind, and for some reason “Revenge” is the only new show that has stuck with me.  Music--I have been letting Pandora intro me to new stuff based on my channels.  Not enough time to be up on everything!

Marvel.com: You do a lot of improv comedy. In my experience with that, the teachings generally seem to be very beneficial to people's personal lives more so than just about becoming a better actor. How has improv benefited you?

Felicia Day: Improv literally made me who I am today.  I think a lot of people are raised--including myself--to be inhibited, not given the opportunity to act unconsciously; our brains get in the way.  The greatest moments in improv are when something comes out of your mouth and you didn’t think it; it comes from your subconscious.  That was an amazing lesson for me to learn in studying improv, to trust yourself and trust others.  I think regardless of what area you are in, you should take some improv classes, it can only help you in whatever you do.

Felicia Day

Marvel.com: And finally, you keep continuing to make consistent strides as a celebrity and actress. Where do you see Felicia Day going?

Felicia Day: I definitely have learned the limits of what I can do as one person; writing and producing and acting and marketing all my own stuff has taught me a big lesson to prioritize and be ruthless with over-committing.  My production company is set to start making more web series; some I write, some I just produce, so the Internet will be seeing more stuff from me in the near future, for sure.

For more information on Felicia Day, her web series, and the many other things she has going on you can visit www.feliciaday.com. Check out "Dragon Age: Redemption" on YouTube. You can also follow @feliciaday on Twitter. Thanks to Ms. Day for taking the time to speak with us.

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