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Unlimited Highlights

Unlimited Highlights: Halloween 2011

Five spooktacular tales pitting the heroes of Marvel against vampires, werewolves and more

Every week we'll pick a handful of awesome comics from the thousands available through Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited. From creator spotlights to editor's picks and more, this'll be your spot to find something new and cool.

By Ben Morse

As if armored dictators, mutant masters of magnetism and time-travelling menaces who love the color purple don’t present the heroes of the Marvel Universe with enough problems, our favorite do-gooders must also contend with the creepy stuff of nightmares who populate horror movies and haunted houses—that’s right, they gotta fight monsters! Celebrate Halloween along with us as we look back at five classic comics pitting Spider-Man, the X-Men and more against the most terrifying threats they’ve ever faced!


From the horror of the past comes an evil that could destroy the present as The Silver Surfer faces the Heir of Frankenstein! Years ago, Victor Frankenstein attempted to create life and unleashed on the world the shambling cipher known as Frankenstein’s Monster. Now, Frankenstein’s descendant believes he has solved the riddle that vexed his ancestor by tapping into the cosmic energies of Norrin Radd, birthing a dark duplicate of The Silver Surfer who wishes to subjugate humanity! Can the Sky-Rider of the Spaceways face down his malevolent counterpart?


Morbius the Living Vampire says his horrific hello to the Marvel Universe in this issue, but amazingly, he may not be the scariest creature menacing Empire State University! In an attempt to “cure” himself of his spider powers, Peter Parker turned to an experimental serum, but rather than revert the Wallcrawler to his unpowered state, it’s made him more arachnid than ever with four additional arms! Now the mutated Spider-Man must save his college classmates from the unquenchable hunger of Michal Morbius and find a way to regain his own humanity along the way.

4 #25

The son of Fantastic Four ally Agatha Harkness, Nicholas Scratch inherited his mother’s propensity for witchcraft, but none of her moral fiber, taking over the town of New Salem and ruling it alongside his mystically-empowered children, Salem’s Seven. His plans to expand his sphere of influence thwarted in the past by the FF, the Avengers, Hellcat and others, Scratch’s latest scheme involves manipulating the Seven into serving a dark purpose and birthing even more terrifying evil into the world. Can Marvel’s First Family and some unexpected allies block Scratch’s demonic invasion?

PUNISHER (2008) #11

Frank Castle took his shot at cutting off Dark Reign at its head, targeting Norman Osborn himself, and it ended with The Punisher torn to shreds at the claws of Daken. While this would spell the end for most, our skull-chested anti-hero awakes in a body not entirely his own to find that his story has only just begun. Welcome to Monster Metropolis, underground haven for those creatures who can’t walk the streets above, and meet its newest resident: FrankenCastle!

X-MEN (2010) #1

Having deposed and decapitated his father, Dracula, the new lord of the vampires, Dracula, has designs on the waking world, beginning with San Francisco. Of course there’s one problem with trying to take the City by the Bay: The X-Men call it home. Xarus makes the first strike, unleashing an audacious attack that has consequences for not only dozens of humans, but one of the Children of the Atom. With that, the war between X-Men and vampires ramps up fast and furious, as Curse of the Mutants has begun!

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