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We spoke with one of the stars of Comedy Central's 'Workaholics' to discuss his love for Magneto, guest stars and more!



'Workaholics' cast members Anders Holm, Adam Devine and Blake Anderson

By Blake Garris

When the cast of the hit Comedy Central show “Workaholics” isn’t complaining about work because they stayed up too late partying, they’re usually discussing something nerd-related; and we wanted to see just how nerdy they could get.

We recently spoke with Blake Anderson, one of the main characters/creators of the show, and if you thought his love of the geek subculture was just good acting, we’re here to tell you that you’re wrong. Blake spoke with us about his undying love for Magneto, his other love of people’s heads exploding in “Iron Man: Extremis,” and his most recent comic book purchases.

Infinity Gauntlet #1 cover by George Perez We speak with many actors who enjoy comics in varying degrees. How deep are you into comic books?

Blake Anderson: Oh dude, I love comic books. I’m actually a pretty big comic fan and I have been since I was a kid. I used to collect a bunch of comic cards and comic books and I still have them to this day. But yeah, I still go to the comic book store like every two weeks to pick up new stuff. Anything that you’re reading now that you want to tell people about?

Blake Anderson: Let’s see, I just actually picked up the old INFINITY GAUNTLET [collection], and I’m gonna read that, but the newest S.H.I.E.L.D. series was awesome where you’d find out the origins and then all the time traveling and Leonard da Vinci and stuff. I thought that was pretty rad. Do you have anything you really love from back in the day?


Blake Anderson: I’ve always really liked all that cosmic stuff like DOCTOR STRANGE and then stuff like WARLOCK and all that. I don’t know. I always liked that old art [and] I was always a really huge X-Men fan. Magneto was always my favorite character. Why Magneto?

Blake Anderson: I just thought he was cool. I remember when I was a kid growing up, that’s like when the animated series of X-Men came out and that was just so cool. [I] remember how cold-blooded Magneto was and he had the coolest voice and he was just like calm as hell, but the dude could just crush heads, no problem. You went to Comic-Con recently, right? What was that experience like?

Blake Anderson: Yeah, that’s our second time going to Comic-Con and I 100 percent mean it when I say it’s my favorite weekend of the year. I love it. It’s cool cause like whatever you geek out on, no matter how small you think it is, it’s there. And, I get really drunk, and that’s one of my other favorite things to do. Like, really drunk. So, it’s awesome. What were your favorite people dressed up as?

Blake Anderson: A lot of like Princess Leias with their butt cheeks hanging out, that’s one thing that I’m kind of into. So that’s always cool. You always get a lot of hot babes representing Princess Leia. And you would see your occasional Hellboy walking around or whatever. It’s just cool to see what people come up with.

Adam Warlock Since you’re into X-Men, are there any X-characters you’d want to portray?

Blake Anderson: I don’t know, I could maybe give Sabretooth a try, if they’d let me. I’ll get ripped as hell. Any character with long hair; I kind of have to fit into that though. I don’t really feel like cutting my hair. So you wouldn’t cut your hair if you were another character?

Blake Anderson: No, see I’d just let it ride. We also heard you’re really into metal music.

Blake Anderson: Yeah, I listen to metal for sure. What bands?

Blake Anderson: Actually I just got into this band Bergraven. It’s one dude, this Norwegian dude who plays all the instruments. But it’s like this sludgy metal. You know, some metal takes you on trips and breaks it down, but then he’s got this voice that’s really evil and he just like talks Norwegian and it sounds like you’re listening to like ancient spells being cast. It’s really cool. And I like the classics, of course. You can never go wrong with Slayer. Slayer’s probably the best band ever, right? What other bands besides metal artists would you recommend to people?

Blake Anderson: For sure. I mean that’s kind of my passion other than comedy; I love to listen to music. I’m really into those Odd Future kids. I think they’re making good stuff. Trash Talk; they’re kind of like a metal-ish band. I listen to a lot of everything; rap, electronic, alternative, chill wave. Anything chill; I love chill music. I like to just drink and chill and listen to music.

'Workaholics' cast members Blake Anderson and Anders Holm Speaking of Odd Future, wasn’t Tyler, The Creator on one episode of “Workaholics”?

Blake Anderson: Yeah, well actually I was on Twitter and tweeted at Taco. He was in their most recent video. I don’t know if you’re familiar with ***** Suck ****, their newest video. It’s pretty good, you should check it out. But he’s the little chef dude at the end. I’m like, “Hey Taco, would you want to be on our show?” because I always thought he was cool and he doesn’t get the recognition of the group that much. But he doesn’t really do music. But he said yeah and he came on set. And we were kind of surprised that Tyler rolled up. He ate all our strawberry Starbursts and then he just popped into the back of a scene. We didn’t even know he was coming, so it was pretty cool. You also had Marc Summers on an episode. What’s it like having guest stars?

Blake Anderson: What was weird is that kind of happened organically. Originally for the show we were trying to get Baron Davis, the basketball player; But I don’t know, something fell through. Then it all evolved into, “well who else would be my super hero”? And we thought, “maybe the weatherman from the news.” Then somebody dropped “we might be able to get Marc Summers” and I’m lik,e “oh my god, are you kidding me? Marc Summers!” And it all worked out and it was unreal.

Black Cat in 'Spider-Man: Edge of Time,' voiced by Katee Sackhoff You got some other pretty cool guest stars coming up too, right?

Blake Anderson: Yeah, we worked with Katee Sackhoff from “Battlestar Galactica” [and voice of Black Cat in “Spider-Man: Edge of Time.” and we got Jeff Fahey, who’s from “Machete” and “Lawnmower Man” back in the day. He was awesome! We got a couple cool people. I heard you play Magic: The Gathering, too.

Blake Anderson: Oh my gosh, dude, absolutely! That was kind of like what me and my buddies would do at night. You know, some guys drink beers at parties; we just kind of sat around the table and played Magic and just get [messed] up and play a lot; or go camping and bring your Magic cards. It really bonds men together; huge, epic Magic battles.

And I’ll still play. If somebody wants to come play, I’ve got my deck. So don’t think I’m just like out ‘da game.

'Workaholics' cast member Blake Anderson Now that the show is so successful, what’s it like meeting people out on the street?

Blake Anderson: It’s crazy, man. It seems like pretty much every place I go, somebody will come up and say they like the show. Which is weird, because for a long time we were just together making videos for the Internet, and not a lot of people were watching them. But that wasn’t what it was about; we just did it ‘cause we liked to do it. So just having people watch the show now and support what we’re doing and get that recognition that “hey, we like what you’re doing and we’re watching;” it’s a real cool feeling. What can people expect from you in the future as well as with “Workaholics”?

Blake Anderson: Well “Workaholics,” I think you can expect a lot of the same; just action-packed friendship, dude nudity, comedy. And then as far as me, hopefully I’ll be in a super hero movie or at least behind the animation of one. I really want to make that psychedelic Warlock cartoon come to life. But we’ll see. Thanks for the interview. It was definitely a pleasure talking with you.

Blake Anderson: Yeah dude, this is awesome. This was actually the most excited I’ve been for an interview because I actually really love Marvel. If people are going on, check out the [Marvel Knights Animation] because those things are badass.

'Iron Man: Extremis' Which of the series are you into now?

Blake Anderson: Well I’ve watched every one you guys have available. It’s like “Astonishing X-Men: Gifted” and then there’s that “Spider-Woman” one and then there’s “Iron Man: Extremis.” I just watched the Iron Man one and that dude gets his freaking head exploded at the end! It’s awesome! There’s chunks of brain everywhere. And I feel like people don’t even know that it exists. Go watch it! It’s free and it’s amazing. See if they’ll make “Old Man Logan,” because I’d really like that.

You can watch Blake on Season 2 of "Workaholics" now on Comedy Central. You can also follow him on Twitter @UncleBlazer or visit the group’s website for more information.

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