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From the Manga-Minded...well, Mind of C.B. Cebulski, Welcome to the New Mangaverse!

Five years ago, Marvel teamed with some of the greatest manga creators to reinvasion the Marvel Universe as a Mangaverse. The result has proven to be so popular that original consultant and writer C.B. Cebulski is proud to return faithful readers to that magical place this January in New Mangaverse - Rings of Fate #1. Says Cebulski, "If there's ever been a series that lives up to the adage 'Because you demanded it!', Rings of Fate is it!"

Fans of manga and fans of Marvel will soon find they are once again playing on the same field when Cebulski and artist Tommy "Slayers" Ohtsuka put their creative spin on the Managverse versions of characters like Spider-Man, Wolverine and Iron Man, as well as breathe life into new characters like Spider-Woman and Lady Deathstrike. "When we originally set out to build Marvel's Mangaverse five years ago, the plan was to have Japanese creators do their takes on the classic Marvel characters. Now, with this Rings of Fate mini-series, I feel like things have come full circle!" Fans have come full-circle as well, based on the amount of interest the original Mangaverse has maintained. "I was just as surprised as anyone when Marvel asked me to pitch this new series," says Cebulski. "But after hearing about the trades going into new printings and retailers asking if we will ever revisit the Mangaverse, Marvel was quick to answer the call!" And answer the call we have! New Mangaverse promises to deliver all the action, drama, and unique qualities manga-fans have come to expect while featuring some of the most popular comic book characters in the world.

If fans of manga are happy to see a return in New Mangaverse #1: Rings of Fate, the creators' excitement is through the roof. Their love of the project is one that fans can identify with and one that promises to shine thru in this new mini-series. Cebulski says it best. "Writing New Mangaverse is like going home for me. The original Mangaverse X-Men one-shot marked the beginning of my career at Marvel. I transitioned from writer to editor to talent manager, and now I couldn't think of a more appropriate title for me to make my writing return on. It's going to be one wild ride!" Buckle up, True Believers, and welcome back to New Mangaverse!
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