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Marvel Expands Same-Day Release Plans for Print and Digital Titles

Come 2012, for select titles, the print and digital versions of Marvel Comics issues will be available on the same day!

By April 2012, almost all new Marvel Comics will be made available in print and digital formats on the day of their release in comic shops. When the print issue arrives in stores, it will also be available for download via the Marvel Comics app, which you can download for free on iOS and Android devices.

Currently available for Ultimate Comics titles, Spider-Man family, X-Men family and select other comics, same-day print and digital availability will be rolled out line-wide over the coming months. Stay tuned for more news and updated same-day print and digital availability on your favorite titles.

Also, don't miss AVENGING SPIDER-MAN #1--on sale November 9, 2011; physical copies of select comics will include a code which can be redeemed for a digital copy via the Marvel Comics app.

Stay tuned to Marvel.com for more news on our digital releases.

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boyonspace member

Make this App available on the Mac App Store for my laptop please.

voak78 member

This would be a great idea if it was cheaper for the comics. Whay pay full price when they save money on printing and shippinh. Subscribing toa title is cheaper then cover price put this isnt.


Is there an app for Macbook Air users?


People are loving holograms nowadays.


it seems tha Marvel, like DC, does not really care about the people who have supported them for years, ie: the comic shop retailers. Considering the past and statements I have been privy to in the past this comes as no suprise..JDC

apg1 plus member

I just want all new comics to include the download code. I love being able to have both the physical comic and carry it with me on my iPad. That way I can keep the physical for collecting but use the easy read on the iPad.


So how will this relate to Unlimited subscribers? Will there be a blackout window, of like 4 to 6 months, or will it continue to just be random when books are added?


Come on marvel, release an app for blackberry playbook and cell phones aswell, its the only other major cell phone operating system your missing