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Psych Ward

Psych Ward: Carnage Revisited

Even our therapist may not be able to predict the next move for Cletus Kasaday

By Tim Stevens

Commander Rogers,

Now that it has been confirmed that the “new” Carnage seen in New York City is, in fact, Cletus Kasady, I have put together this companion piece to my earlier session notes in an attempt to aid you and others in finding the subject before he creates more havoc and disaster in his wake. Given his unpredictability, I encourage you to treat this report with the proper level of skepticism and be aware that it is simply a “best guess” based on what information I have available to me, not a true estimate of future danger.

Thank you and good luck.

Based on previous encounters between the subject and this writer, Cletus Kasady presents as a slightly underweight, but strong, adult male. Although he had a reputation for lack of cleanliness, he always attended session in a clean prison uniform with all Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) seemingly observed. It is possible, given the aforementioned complaints about his hygiene that he only kept up with his ADLs under duress caused by either the institution or his fellow prisoners.

Although this writer has not observed it first hand, it has been reported and corroborated by several sources that Kasady is a double amputee, missing both of his legs. However, he has been fitted with prostheses that appeared to have been derived from the symbiote that he joined with to become the super villain murderer Carnage.

As Carnage, the subject is humanoid in appearance, encased in a second skin almost liquid in appearance. It seems to be constantly in motion, the red and black markings shifting, disappearing, and reappearing without any sign of conscious thought. In addition, it is able to sprout tentacle, fire projectiles seemingly made of itself, and morph various parts of itself into weapons. It is unknown by this writer if, in remerging with the symbiote, Kasady had to sacrifice the prostheses. Therefore, those searching for him should be prepared to encounter a man with no legs, a man with metallic prostheses, Carnage, or even, this writer assumes, a man with “normal” legs as the symbiote has previously demonstrated the ability to mimic the appearance of physical clothing with uncanny accuracy.

In session, the subject had presented as manic, threatening, and cruel. He speaks in a rapid fashion and his word choices betray the fact that he is largely self-educated, having rejected any education opportunities available to him at the orphanage where he spent his formative years and dropping out of school very early in life.

Footage of Kasaday as Carnage confirms that this presentation is consistent across his alter egos. However, as Carnage, he also demonstrates a heightened desire for attention. Even murder, it seems, does not interest him unless it is something that he “performs” for others and that stokes further fear in the population. This was especially on display during the tragedy in New York City dubbed “Maximum Carnage” in the press.

Also as Carnage, he has often seemed to drawn to the idea of “family.” Members of this family have included Shriek, Carrion, and Doppleganger. It is difficult for this writer to say with any certainty whether this is a consistent aspect of Kasady, however. It must be said that it might simply be him mimicking the Manson family as he has previously demonstrated some interest in copying other serial killers’ ethos and “improving” them.

In any case, one should not expect that Kasady will be quiet when he chooses to reappear. Chances are good that he will not choose to murder a victim here or there but will rather terrorize a population of some size all at once. It is important, therefore, to watch for decent sized but isolated towns where he could fulfill his desire for attention and fear while still remaining somewhat incognito.

Over time, however, this writer would expect that even this will grow old to him and he will desire still larger “stages” for his “work.” It is not unthinkable to imagine him returning to New York or choosing another large city with a prominent media market to quench his twin drives of an audience to both see him and quake in fear before him.

Another means to achieving this may be attacking those he views as “enemies,” especially prominent heroes. Previously, this included the likes of Spider-Man or Venom. Given that this writer has been assured by the government that the current Venom is not Eddie Brock and the symbiote is a “military tool” now that leaves Spider-Man as the most obvious target.

For further insights, I would refer you to the work of  Doctors Zeb Wells and Clayton Crain who have extensively studied Cletus Kasady, both as himself and as Carnage. In particular CARNAGE U.S.A. #1 should prove very helpful and will be available on December 7.

Psy D. Candidate Tim Stevens is a Practicum Trainee at a Federal Correctional Institute and a Dialectical Behavior Therapy Consultant who has experience with individuals with Antisocial Personality Disorder and those who violated the law.

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